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First week is free at 888 Poker & Casino Full Review


So here I am in the newbie shoes of someone signing up to play at 888 poker and using the free no deposit bonus to test out the games.

If you want to play casino, following some cool happenings during my 888 casino review I have created a separate article for that, go here to view the 888 casino review.

Come with me on a little journey where I will show you exactly what to expect. Here is the link if you wanna get ahead and get signed up..

888 Free Sign Up Bonus

Initially the software will download and then you have to go through the registration – no credit card info is needed, just your name, age, address etc, standard stuff.

888 poker

Next you have to confirm your email to claim the bonus.

888 poker

So here’s what you get in your inbox, click the yellow button and away you go.

888 poker review

With the boring stuff out of the way you can now play some games for free. Initially you get $2 free, not a huge amount but its free and enough for at least 2 sit and gos or some cheap buy in tournaments. On top of this you get daily tournament credits. It seems very little but you will be getting this every day so you get to have a full free week of testing it out.

So I’ve jumped into a $1 sit n go, see if I can grab a few extra bucks to show you a few of the different games and result, yes I can, I got 1st for $3.46.

Play for free for a week at 888 poker

888 Poker $1 Sit n Go

888 Poker BLAST

Next I’ve gone in for a BLAST. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as you can see in the video it is sort of like a spin n go. If you don’t know what that means then it just means that a random prize is spun in when you start the game. For a $1 entry you can potentially win up to $10,000. Heres a screenshot of the different jackpots for the different buy ins.


I went for the top middle one which has the 2 minute timer. I didn’t realise this when I entered it. It’s good for a bit of fun but if you want to try and play your skill then the first option without the timer would be the one to go for.

Here is what happened.

888 Poker SNAP

Next on the agenda is to try out the SNAP variation. This is a pretty weird game where you can fold your hand right away if you don’t wanna play it and immediately sit down at a new table. It’s best to watch the video to get the feel of it. I didn’t survive to see the end, it was a 6 minute timer and would have ended in the same way as the BLAST format with everyone going all in until one player wins.

So these games are good for a bit of fun. The BLAST is a great game to potentially spin in a great Jackpot prize, stick to the one without the timer and it’s well worth a punt. I’ll definately be trying that one again.

With some of the fun variants out of the way though it’s time to check out what kind of proper tournaments are going on here. This is a well respected poker site with some cracking games. A lot of pro players use this site including Team Neverlucky aka Tonkaaaap, a very entertaining youtuber who streams himself playing here, worth a look.

888 Tournament Poker

So here is an image showing what I could see (it’s a layered image of 4-5 scroll downs) so you can get a feel of the tournaments on offer. This is only what was going on literally at the time I was on June 29th at 10pm as you can clearly see. I will check out the big money and special tournaments and add more info about those at a later date.

888 poker review

They have organised the tournaments into aquatic styles, you’ve got Goldfish for the smallest buy ins, Catfish, Swordfish, Crocodile and Cyclone for the big buy ins that I can tell.

So there we have it, I am now an 888 player and I welcome you to jump on board and get this free deal where you can play everyday for real money for a week with a few bucks everyday to get stuck in.

Personally I think I’ll be playing the spin n go’s (BLASTS – without the timer this time! ) to try and cash a Jackpot prize.

See you at the tables. Here’s that link again. Play for free for a week at 888 poker

888 Poker Country Restrictions

Unfortunately due to the many different gaming laws regarding online poker 888 Poker cannot currently accept players who live or reside in any of the following countries: United States of America, Israel and Turkey.

What do you think?


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