Why casino players make the best gambling affiliates

Many of the top casino webmasters are either gamblers or were gamblers. It makes sense that to write about a certain topic like gambling that it helps to know what you are talking about. Gamblers and casino players can easily tell if a writer doesn’t know what they are talking about so we want and expect expert information. This is precisely why many of these online gamblers have made the move to starting their own website and writing about a topic that they enjoy.


How much can you earn as a casino affiliate?

There is almost no end for the amount of income you can earn. The great part of being a casino webmaster is your website works 24 hours a day and is a fairly automated system. There are many casino webmasters that are making some income on the side to supplement what they are already doing or another job. For some people this side hustle has grown into it’s own full time job and exceeded what they earned at their regular job.

Casino affiliate programs explained

Casino affiliate programs are just one section within gambling affiliate programs. Setting up a website can be a daunting task but it’s the first order or business you must do. You’ll want to do the following:

  • Pick a topic for your website
  • Secure a domain
  • Buy hosting
  • Choose a content management system

Pick a topic for your website

You have to start somewhere and don’t start with the most generic topic either like just online casinos as this is ultra competitive. Even a topic as detailed as casino bonuses is just as competitive so find something smaller that will make it easier for you to focus on and write content for and become the go to website for that topic. A few examples could be live dealer casinos, or like dealer casinos for UK players, or casino bonuses in another language other than English, maybe even casinos with apps in the App Store for iPhone.

Niche marketing

Picking a detailed topic is what everyone calls niche marketing. By going into a very specific topic, you give yourself a chance of outranking the major websites and end up with less competition. Even this site The Players Edge is a niche site that’s all about articles and guides to give players the edge at playing.

Secure a domain

Buying a domain is easy and you can get one at sites like which are both cheap and very secure with excellent customer service.

Buy hosting


You’ll need hosting for your new website and there are so many companies out there fighting for your business. One of the best around is Digital Ocean, they are highly recommended and support so many applications through a 1 click installation.

Choose a content management system (CMS)


You’ll need a CMS and if you can’t think of one to use then try which is the number one CMS around.

Once you have your website setup, start building some content first before you join any gambling affiliate programs as these programs will check your website before approving. Many won’t approve if they see you don’t have a website in place.

Revenue Share vs CPA

Revenue share is a commission that is based on losses from a player. So if you refer players that deposit and lose, then you’ll get paid a commission as a percentage on that. If you choose CPA (cost per acquisition) then you’ll get a one time payment for this player which usually averages around $150. Try making $150 with Amazon affiliates!

Join affiliate programs


Once you have got this far, you’ll want to join some gambling or casino affiliate programs but we recommend you choose them carefully. To find a list of casino affiliate programs visit the Gaffg page at

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