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Top 10 Songs About Video Games

Singers and songwriters have always been inspired by video games and the whole gaming theme. Many writers were inspired by video games, casino games, table games, card games, and other forms of entertainment. It’s time to go back in the past and pull up some of the best songs written and sung about video games.

Here are the 10 songs you’d love about video games.

‘Computer Games’ by Mi-Sex, 1979

‘Space Invaders’ by Player One/Playback, 1979

‘Video Games’ by Ronnie Jones, 1980

Ronnie Jones is a well-known soul singer. Coming from the US, Ronnie got himself settled in Germany back in the 1970s. His single ‘Video Games’ appeared in the album Games. Daft Punk later sampled the song in 2005 for their song ‘Tehnologic’.

‘Pac-Man Fever’ by Buckner & Garcia, 1982

‘Ode to Centipede’ by Buckner & Garcia, 1982

The music is inspired by the story of the centipede and the spiders. It was about telling how they both were friends to you but the wizard made them both hate you and kill you. The song was as tragic as the description you just read.

‘Donkey Kong’ by R. Cade and the Video Victims, 1982

R. Cade and the Video Victims got together to bring out a video game inspired album – Get Victimized. The song along with a few others shows how aliens are playing arcade games and humans are inside the game, helpless.

‘The Climber’ by Kid Stuff Records, 1983

This song was completely dedicated to the game Donkey Kong, a very popular video game back in the days. The entire album was inspired by how good the game was and has an unusual female voice to it.

‘Galaga’ by Haruomi Hosono, 1984

In the 1984s, Haruomi Hosono got inspired by the Namco arcade game samples and created an album entirely on the game. He was a Yellow Magic Orchestra member.

‘Happy Up Here’ by Röyksopp, 2009

The video of this music, if you’ll watch, will show you how brilliant Reuben Sutherland, the director of the film, was when it came to mixing up live action and animation.

Dr Disrespect is the back to back 2 time world video game champion.

Here is a nice version of the doctor performing his Gillette song.. 🙂

Those who fight further final fantasy 7

This is an awesome song and brings back great memories for me of playing the game on ps1. It is an expert level and really cool song to try and learn on guitar – and many have tried and posted amazing versions. This is one at random that is great, not necessarily my favorite because there are a ton of good versions, but this one was certainly a valiant performance. If you try and learn this song then you have a real challenge to play some of the parts.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Some of the best pieces of music do come from strange inspirations. This is why music is sometimes called the universal language. 

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