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Who’s good on youtube and twitch for online poker and casino?

Here are a number of great twitch streamers and youtubers that play casino games and I will update the list over time as I find more. The online casino streaming is booming and there’s plenty of entertaining stuff to watch.

This is a Indian/Swedish twitch streamer (he no longer streams on youtube), not afraid to get all exited at his big wins.

I have been an avid fan of Roshtein since the early days and his rise to fame on Twitch has been huge, he pulls in a crowd of up to 35k viewers every time he goes online and I can admit that I am often one of them and I have tons of his dirty undeserved points in my satchel (he dishes out points redeemable for items in his store, for watchtime and when he hits big wins). Check him out!

Roshtein goes live for 8-12hrs practically every single day and plays maximum stakes. I have been working on a clips page where you can check out some of the highlights of his big wins – the rosh vine

It’s often the fact that the streamer is using max bets that makes them more appealing to watch, rather than even the streamer themselves (even though Rosh is the undisputed King of slot streaming in my eyes) because you get to see the insane wins (and losses) and he loves to play to the camera and go nuts when the big wins drop in.

roshtein jammin jars

I redeemed some of his points many years ago for a postcard and yes he did actually send me a postcard, check it out..
Roshtein Postcard1
Roshtein Postcard1
Roshtein Postcard
Roshtein Postcard

I even thanked him in the chat for it when some people were causing a little fud about it – that they hadn’t recieved anything. I told him he had really neat handwriting and he read it out loud. He was pretty happy about it I think for me to be putting the haters to bed so to speak and said thankyou. It’s nice (and a bit weird) when you comment on a livestream and it gets a reaction from a big streamer.

On my youtube channel TPEGAMES (got the custom url now) he has commented on one of his highlight videos too. 


Roshteins Latest Big Win $17.5 Million

This is a newer one I’ve added to the list and it’s mostly interesting because he plays max stakes. If you haven’t watched him before you need to brace yourself for full degen, swearing and complete obnoxiousness. After some time it does become charming enough to watch for small amounts of time but it’s really just disgusting sometimes. He did once collaborate with Roshtein on his streams for some time but ultimately Roshteins gentleman persona couldn’t cope with the relentless “Juice me b*tch” commentary. He seems to have gained a big following from his other streaming activities and was ahead of Roshtein in terms of viewers. They both seem to have settled at around the 30k viewers per stream now and as far as I know, are the two main slots players on Twitch.

This man is relentless in his max stakes and can burn through millions in less than an hr. There have been times where he seems like he is going to go completely bust and have to shut down completely – in this way he does live up to the “Trainwrecks” name. He seems to have bounced back a bit now but it does sort of bring into question the authenticity of what he is doing – in that some of it must be downright fake because it seems impossible for someone to lose millions consistently like he does.

I know little about the business model of streamers, much of it I would think it’s just not worth trying to be upfront about as it attracts unwanted attention and criticism. I know that Rosh has always been very upfront that his earnings as a casino affiliate are what props him up from his losses and he refuses donations and does not have subscribers. Train on the other hand has subscribers and so gains revenue from subs and by running ads. Quite what deal he has with Stake (a popular crypto based slots platform) is to me unknown. I’ve had issues with Stake personally and I wouldn’t recommend them but they tend to use them for streaming because they allow the higher stakes. Somehow he manages to keep playing.



TeamNeverlucky (Poker) 69.4k subs

Tonkaaap AKA team neverlucky has a great entertaining personality and plays high stakes poker. He streams live on twitch (with a 3 minute delay) and also uploads the best of his streams for some very entertaining youtube videos (if you like poker) visit his site at where there is a link to his streams on twitch and a merchandise store.

He’s gained 37k subscribers to date and seems likely to hit higher numbers in the near future. Some very big wins can be found here among a load of fails, including one in there somewhere where he wins approx $115,000 for 2nd place. Not too shabby. You can see him regularly playing tournaments with over $1k buy in, typically burning through 2-5k per session in buy ins. Tonka is sponsored by 888 and as such often plays there but also many other sites too.


Poker Staples 86k subs

Jamie “Jimmy” Staples is a Canadian player who creates poker videos He shows good confidence and does well on the field showing some good wins. His twitch channel is

I just checked his channel and he is currently “hosting” Kevin Martin. This is something that streamers do to help each other out whereby if they finish the stream or go offline, they will broadcast their friends or colleagues channels to help each other out in gaining new fans.

Jimbo 15k subs (slots)

Jimbo is a great streamer and youtuber and has enjoyed a lot of success playing slots online.

His classic big win was on the dead or alive slot where he won about 45k on the bonus feature back in the day.

Here in the video below you can see him cook a chicken and pitta bread surprise – if your into that sort of thing..


This is an onine community of slots and gambing streamers. On their youtube channel they publish  videos of different people winning and their reactions. Just win reactions over and over which is generally more entertaining than watching the highs and lows. Worth checking out.

Lex Veldhuis 103k Subs

Lex is dutch pro player. He started out with online poker and then made it onto the live scene, now playing both. He has successfully launched on twitch and youtube and is well worth watching.  In the video below you can see him take first place for $22,000. Nice. 

Casino Daddy 79k Subs

This is a great slots channel that shows a gang of Swedish guys (that talk in English) all shouting and screaming at big wins rather than just a single broadcaster. It has great energy and some really great wins.

NickSlots 39k Subs

NIckslots is slots player, a twitch streamer and youtuber with a  dedicated live schedule of Monday-Friday 12pm-4pm GMT. He has loads of content on his youtube channel too. He’s entertaining to watch and runs giveaways. I watched his latest youtube vid last night and was very entertaining to see him strike some good wins. 

David is another of my recommended players from the Casinogrounds crew. He is a Dutch player, nice and laid back persona with a majestic ginger beard. He can often be found streaming slots on both Twitch and Youtube. I’m watching him today in a good mood having just returned from a shopping trip in Amsterdam where he reportedly kitted out his wardrobe following some good wins lately. He is often playing at Superlenny.and Tradacasino.


A great Slots player, sometimes talking in Finnish but primarily he speaks English. He is very entertaining to watch and plays very high stakes


If you have a suggestion that should be added to the list or perhaps you think your channel should be on here, please send it in on the contact form.

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