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What’s in the pot at 888 this Christmas?

Check the upcoming tournaments directly on the 888 website.

The Christmas season is a time where most of us have a lot more free time to get stuck into the poker. I’ll be on the tables this season and in this article I’ll be looking through the tournament schedule at 888 for the best upcoming tournaments.

God of the Arena

Coming up 11th-14th October 2018 you can play for $1m Guaranteed in the God of the Arena tournament. This is the first of it’s kind and you can expect it to be launched again over the holidays at 888 poker.


Getting to grips with the tournament formats..

Let me try and break down some of the tournament formats for you because there are a lot!
I already covered the blast and spin and go formats in another article check that out herebut for all the latest offerings see below.

Some formats I could mention are Mega Dozen, Mega Deep, Turbo Mega Deep, Hurricane, Typhoon, Goldfish, Whale, Twister, Tornado, Thunder 6-max, Lightening 6 max, Monsoon and Swordfish.

Quite a collection I think you’ll agree, it seems a little confusing at first but you soon get used to it, basically each name represents a tournament format and buy in level. Goldfish games are $1 and Whale games can be $1000 entry.

My Pick of Games on Offer today 07/10/2018..

30k Guaranteed Big Fish Tournaments $33 buy in

This tournament starts in 30mins at time of writing and these 30k Guaranteed tourneys are very frequent.

What’s in the pot at 888 this Christmas?

With only 87 players registered it seems quite tempting for an $8,250 pay day. However there is late reg on this tournament for 200minutes – just over 3 hours and so it may be an idea to start this game way later then the game starts.

$100,000 Sunday Mega Deep $215 buy in

With this game due to start in 43 minutes, there are only 11 players registered which truly is an insane value to win 50k 30k, and 20k for 1st 2nd and 3rd. This buy in is too high for games that I normally play however the trick is to enter qualifiers and burn your way up to these higher buy in games. There are $30 10 seats guaranteed qualifiers to get into this game. Quite how there can be only 11 players registered in this game if there are qualifiers like this I’m not sure. I’ll be keeping my eye on this game this evening and perhaps try and enter it next Sunday. Interesting!


8-8-8 Tournaments $8.80 buy in

What’s an 8-8-8 tournament? It’s where you buy in for $8.80, have 8 players per table and start with 8888 chips. Pretty cool. It’s a reasonable buy in amount affordable for any aspiring player. The guaranteed prize pool of 4k is decent. In the most recent game there are 270 entrants with 1st place receiving $780 with all top 40 players being paid a minimum $28. Running for an hr, there is still 90 mins late reg left. If you join late you get to skip a huge amount of time but also of course have to cope with much higher blinds and bigger stacks in the game that were playing from the start. You can rebuy 999 times within the late reg period if you choose. Seems like a nice little format that I wouldn’t mind trying out.


$1000 Smokin Pot Limit Omaha $20 buy in

Omaha is a game I love to play, in case you didn’t know is the same game but everyone gets 4 cards and must use at least two of them in their hand. It’s more interesting because it makes you think harder, I just prefer to play like this these days and have final tabled many an omaha game. For a $20 buy in it looks good odds for a $500 first place finish. Late reg is 145 minutes.


Free Games..

888 will offer you plenty of freeroll tickets to keep you interested..

Next to the cashier tab you have a ticket tab where 888 will constantly be dropping free games for you. As a new player you will likely get a heck of a lot of these but regular existing players do get plenty too. One I’ve been offered logging in today is God of the Arena with 100 $55 seats up for grabs. Qualifiers daily at 20:00. This is $1m game and to get freeroll qualifiers is awesome. See you there.

Free Spin

You can see I also have a free spin next to my tickets tab. Lets have a spin..


So I won a couple of freeroll tickets, and you can get a spin everyday.


You are almost always guaranteed to be able to play in something and play for real money each and every day.



Jackpot Royal Flush

An excellent addition to the client that I have never seen before is the Jackpot Royal Flush which is fairly self explanatory. A royal flush is the ultimate poker hand, it is unbeatable, if you have it then you cannot possibly lose – you will be taking all the chips at the conclusion of the hand. Not only that but if you get it with the spades suit then you also just hit the Jackpot prize on 888 which is minimum $5k and currently stands at $6295.58. Find the jackpot prize in the far bottom left of the client.

The jackpot tables are marked with a green J icon next to them.

You will have to stake more on each and every hand to be in with a chance. Click “Place jackpot Bet” to participate in the jackpot. – a side bet available in all jackpot games.

Starting Hand Ranges

If you are looking to tune up your skills before you start, there’s a great article on the 888 website about poker starting hand ranges

Hope you found some useful info here, please use the facebook comments plugin below to share your thoughts.

See you at the tables!

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