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What are the best paying slots?

Highest paying slot machines

highest paying slot machines list - best paying slot games

Hitting the mega Jackpot on a slot machine is many peoples dream, similar to winning the lottery. For most of us it will never happen as the odds are phenomenal however of course it can and does happen. In Vegas there are slot machines with Jackpots of millions of dollars. Here is a list with the highest paying slot machines available!

Highest paying slot machines – Lions Share

This one called “Lions Share” for example payed out $2.4 Million dollars in August 2014 in MGM Grand Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, one of the best slots to play in Las Vegas. View the video story on ABC news
slot machines with highest payouts las vegas

Best payout slot machines vegas – Megabucks

One Jackpot slot you can find in many casinos is “Megabucksthe best slot machines in Vegas, created by International Game Technology (IGT). In November 2014, one lucky customer had been playing for about 20 minutes from a $20 bill and left with a Jackpot of almost $15m.

World Record Slot Machine Win

The current world record is $39,710,826.36 won on the Megabucks slot at the Excalibur resort in 2003.

Lucky Winners Of Jackpot Slots in Vegas (Megabucks)

1997 $12,510,549.90 @ New York New York
1998 $27,580,879.60 @ Palace Station
1999 $21,346,952.22 @ Caesars Palace
2000  $34,959,458.56 @ Wynn Las Vegas
2002 $22,621,229.74 @ Ballys
2003 $34,959,458.56 @ Desert Inn (now Wynn)
2005 $21,147,947 @ Cannery Casino Hotel
2011 $12,769,933 @  Aria
2012 $17,329,817.80 @ M Resort
2014 $14,282,544.21 @ Rampart Casino
2016 $10,777,270.51 @ Wynn Las Vegas

An interesting place to read win stories is on tripadvisor where someone has asked the question: “Biggest win on slot machine and where in Vegas”..full of comments of people telling their own stories of their biggest ever hits on slot machines.

World Record Online Slot Machine Win

One of the most popular and biggest online Jackpot slots is Mega Fortune, a game by Netent. Here you can see the world record online slot win of 17 million Euros from 2013. With Netent being such a major player in the industry, this slot can be found on nearly all the online casino sites. Personally I have spun in the bonus wheel twice and never got passed the first level.

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