Which Teams Hold The Most Intriguing Value For A Super Bowl Run?

This NFL season has taken football fans for a ride that has shown no real signs of stopping any time soon. Just look at any of the premier NFL stats platforms around and you’ll see how this season has shaped up to be one where favoritism means only as much as what you can do with it while being an underdog has become more of a commodity than an under noted title. 

But with the second half of the season underway and with playoff and title implications already being put on the table as serious topics of conversation, where should a football fan wanting to make a couple of extra dollars betting on NFL action look to, especially when thinking about the Super Bowl, aka, the biggest football game in the world? While there are some clear favorites and others that are starting to see their stock rise, there is a small group of teams that just have an intriguing aura around them that screams potential Super Bowl surprise and bank-shattering winners for NFL betting fans. So here we bring you our picks for some of the teams that hold the most intriguing value for a Super Bowl run this season.

Tennessee Titans

tennessee titans

In a conference where the Chiefs, Chargers, Bills, and Ravens seem like a perfect way to go when thinking about teams that could make a strong and dominating run for a spot in the Super Bowl, the Tennessee Titans have a special something that NFL fans just can’t miss. Before they lost their star, RB Derrick Henry, for the remainder of the season because of a foot injury, it was very easy to understand why the Titans could be seen as favorites to put on a respectable postseason run, leading to an appearance in the Super Bowl, even after losing to the Jets. But now, with Henry gone and the team having just lost to the Texans, real signs of doubt are starting to rise all over.

Yet, here is our take on why the Titans are such an intriguing pick. While their defense could use a little polishing, their offense when playing on all cylinders can be a beast of a unit. QB Ryan Tannehill is good enough to get the job done for the team, and with receivers A.J. Brown and Julio Jones, alongside bonafide RB legend Adrian Peterson, who’s filling in for the injured Henry, this offense can ball. Also, it is expected for Henry to be able to play again once the postseason comes around, and while I may not be a football savant, but if Henry comes back in his usual dominant form, he could very well end up being the reason Tennessee makes it to the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots

new england patriots

In all seriousness, only a man like Bill Belichick can pull stunts like this, of being able to rebuild a team around a rookie QB and have it once again be at the top of their division, over the heavily favorited Bills and with one of the most well-rounded rosters in the league. The Patriots are not playing the flashiest football in the league, that’s true, but what they are doing is playing some of the most effective and results-driven football around, which is paying off tremendously for Belichick and his aspirations for yet another postseason run.

Mac Jones, the rookie Patriots QB has been the best passer in his rookie class, one that includes Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance, and Justin Fields as well. Many experts did praise the former Alabama stud for being one of the most pro-ready players in the draft and well, they weren’t wrong. If the Patriots manage to make it into the postseason, which from the looks of it, they might end up achieving, either by winning the AFC East or through a wildcard spot, keep a close eye on New England. Remember, if there’s one man in the league that knows how to play in the postseason better than anyone, it’s Bill Belichick.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet Logo drawingYes, I’m not mistaken, nor am I under the influence of anything that would make me write nonsense. If a couple of weeks ago anybody would’ve told me that the Eagles were about to start mounting up a serious claim for a postseason run, I would’ve just laughed, not paid attention, laugh some more and continue with my day. But after their wins against the Broncos and Saints, two of the best defenses in the league, I wouldn’t laugh now.

QB Jalen Hurts and Philadelphia’s offense have found the key to their success and they are not shy whatsoever about flaunting it, it’s their running game. Hurts, Myles Sanders, and company have started to build a whole ideal around running the ball as the main strategy and weapon for their success that has paid off greatly. Why? Because the Broncos and Saints are two of the best defenses against the run in the league, with New Orleans holding the top spot, and that did not seem to bother Philly whatsoever. With their offense working like this, their defense stepping up to the test more and more, and the schedule they have remaining, a wildcard spot should be ensured, because let’s face it, they’re not taking the NFC East away from the Cowboys. Once they’re in the playoffs, Philadelphia could end up becoming the conference’s worst thorn on the side and could make a serious run for a Super Bowl appearance once again.