Are jackpots replacing bonuses as the main method of enticing new players?

It’s no secret that online casinos are fighting tooth and nail for your custom, players are inundated with flashy marketing that promotes the latest welcome bonuses in an attempt to convince them to register and make that first deposit.

However, the online casino landscape is beginning to shift as new technology becomes available to operators. It now looks as if lucrative jackpots could be the newest method of drawing players in who are chasing the dream of landing that one life-changing spin.

The laws of attraction – How casinos lured players in

Welcome offers have continuously evolved over the years, early on many online casinos handed out generous matched bonuses, free spins and even bonus cash just to get people onto their sites, and it worked exceptionally well. 

As time went on players unfortunately found low-risk methods of exploiting operators’ generosity and taking off with easy money, which led to wagering requirements being imposed on almost every welcome offer out there.

Of course this in turn caused operators to become greedy themselves, imposing unrealistic wagering requirements that asked players to play through bonuses as high as 100x. Of course this move led to somewhat of a player revolt and operators suffered once more.

Eventually, push came to shove and the no wagering casino was born, operators were willing to sacrifice wagering requirements by giving players a modest number of free spins. 

This way players could still enjoy big wins with little to worry about in terms of cashing out, whilst operators enjoyed a steady stream of new players that were happy to deposit once more after using their welcome bonus.

It has to be said, just like the elusive no deposit bonus, no wagering welcome offers are becoming harder to find as operators and players alike are happy to settle for a low wagering bonus. These are slightly more generous in terms of how many free spins the offer and only require a small amount of work to play through.

As popular as no and low wagering offers are, It does seem that the sands are shifting in 2020, players are actively seeking out casinos that offer the biggest and best jackpot slots.

Technology has now advanced enough that individual operators are able to create their very own bespoke jackpots, it’s clear that there’s a very healthy appetite for new and exclusive jackpots that could net players their own personal fortune. 

Why jackpots are capturing the imagination of players worldwide

We’re all aware of jackpot slots, they’ve been around for years with popular titles such as Mega Moolah gaining worldwide attention for paying out millions on a monthly basis. 

In 2019 Mega Moolah’s incredible progressive jackpots paid out £79,000,000 to 12 players, making one new millionaire for every month of the year. With insane stats such as this, it’s no wonder that players are actively hunting for huge new jackpots to take on. 

At the time of writing this article there are twelve jackpot slots offering players huge payouts of over £1,000,000… However on average the biggest jackpots available are actually only paying out once or twice a year with the exception of Mega Moolah.

Naturally, slots enthusiasts do understand that not everyone can win these huge life changing jackpots, in fact the odds are astronomical, but the mere fact that the opportunity is there is what makes them so attractive. Someone has to win, why not them?

Operators, whilst flush with cash, know the key to winning new players over is not to offer just one player a huge lump sum once a month… That just wouldn’t be enough to justify a sign up, especially considering that countless casinos offer popular progressive slots such as MegaJackpots, Mega Moolah and Divine Fortune to name a few.

Instead, casinos have turned to creating their own personal jackpots that operate at a significantly faster pace than most networked and progressive ones. These are known as Daily Jackpots, with these, prizes continue to grow throughout the day as players place bets on their favourite slots, however the prize has to be paid out before the end of the day. 

Essentially, everyone’s a winner with this setup as casinos can commit to offering much smaller payouts in comparison to huge progressive networked jackpots and players can dive into their favourite slot games with the knowledge that there’s a very real chance that they could get their hands on thousands of pounds… Not just once, but every day! 

Which casinos have led the way in jackpot innovation? 

Flutter Entertainment, the company behind mega-brand Paddy Power are just one of the operators at the forefront of innovation when it comes to their own jackpot product. 

Not only can players at Paddy Power play a number of online slots that are linked to the hugely popular Jackpot King network, which is shared with other major operators such as Sky Vegas, Grosvenor Casino and Virgin Games… But they also offer players the opportunity to win through their own ‘Daily Jackpots’ brand which is fronted by none other than global football megastar Jose Mourhino, which really helps give it clout and pulling power.

Paddy Power have gained the upper hand over competitors by offering an additional three jackpots, the Daily Jackpot, which reaches into the tens of thousands and must be won every single day by 11pm, the Cash Booster Jackpot which must drop before it reaches £2,000, meaning there are multiple daily winners and the Monster Jackpot that reaches into the millions and can be won at any time, with any stake.

It’s opportunities like these that players desperately crave, we play slots because we enjoy the sensation of hitting a big winning spin, and the knowledge that one of those winning spins could lead to such a momentous sum of money is just too good to let pass.

That’s why plenty of operators are following suit, either implementing their own personal progressive jackpots that are only winnable if you decide to play at their casino, or by implementing another popular networked jackpot that can be found on numerous sites.

It can be hard to give a definitive answer as to which networked jackpot is the best to go for, because when you compare them all you’ll quickly realise they each offer something unique. 

Red Tiger Gaming’s Daily Drop network offers an hourly jackpot which pays out several thousand pounds randomly every 60 minutes. Elsewhere you can find Microgaming and NetEnt’s progressive jackpots which both have a reputation for paying out life-changing sums of money to a select number of lucky players.

Microgaming’s progressive network is particularly special in the jackpot world for having paid out over 1,000,000,000 (One billion euros!) since its inception, truly a spectacular feat. 

The perks of having a bespoke jackpot

Having your own bespoke set of jackpots means that operators have the unique opportunity to link their welcome offer directly to their jackpots. 

Take Paddy Power for example, at the time of writing this article they’re offering new players up to 200 free spins on Daily Jackpot games (With no wagering might we add!)… Take a moment to think, would you rather enjoy 200 wager free spins on a common online slot such as Starburst, Book of Dead or Bonanza… Or would you rather play 200 wager free spins on a game that could pay out a bespoke jackpot? 

Of course you’d pick the second option… Operators that are offering these kinds of welcome bonuses give players the chance to enjoy wager-free spins on games that could potentially make them a millionaire overnight. 

Next time you’re faced with a number of new welcome bonuses to choose from, take a good look to see if jackpot slots are on the table… You’ll find there are a number of well respected online slots filled with thrilling features that will make for some very memorable moments.

Nowadays, the only way to really make the most of your wager-free spins is to play these through them on slots that offer a lucrative jackpot prize. You might have to do some searching to find the right offer, but when you do come across it, you won’t regret it!  

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