Winter is coming

Time flies by and we are already approaching the winter season.

Traditional betting sports

The traditional betting markets like the English Premier League, NFL and NBA will
be in full flow. It is very easy to obtain news, information and betting tips for
these sports and markets, but what about more obscure betting sports? Where
should you turn to for getting the tips and information needed to put you in the
position of betting profitably?

Betting on Biathlon

biathlon bettingBiathlon has grown to draw a huge TV-audience in several European countries.

The following of the sport has grown exponentially the last decade and is now rather popular in countries where it historically has not had much of a following like; France, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

It has been popular in Germany, the largest EU-country, Russia and Norway for a long time already, but even in these countries the popularity of the sport seems to be ever-rising.

As a result of this growing popularity the biathlon betting turnover has kept
increasing and even if it is still next to nothing if compared with the most
mainstream events. It is much larger than many people realize.

Most smart punters will agree that it is easier to beat smaller betting sports and
markets if compared with the most mainstream. As this is the case it can be smart
to focus on smaller sports and events rather than the largest, at least if your
ambition is to show a profit from your betting activities.

Luckily there are several sites which seems to provide information enabling you to
get ahead of the game. There are some very good tipsters providing tips for
biathlon and the in my opinion very best biathlon tipster even published his betting tips completely free of charge.

The impressive profit if not the only reason to like this tipster. All his tips are
made with Pinnacle who will not turn away any customer. Because all the picks
are launched with one bookmaker, the tipster cannot cherry pick the best odds
available from all bookmakers offering the event. As a consequence it is often
possible to find better odds than what is offered by Pinnacle if you check the odds
with several bookmakers.

The Godsofodds website, where he provides his tips also measure all their tipsters
performance against Pinnacle’s closing line. This makes it much easier to check
how much of the good performance is likely to be caused by skill and how much is
likely to have been pure luck.

There are several websites that provide good background information about the
biathletes. A good example of this is a brand new site, Sportindepth, who recently
started launching athlete profiles. This one about Justine Braisaz does
not put you in a better position for finding value bets however if they keep putting out
in-depth biathlon content, at some point they are likely to produce content which
could be beneficial for biathlon betting.

We do not necessarily advise you to bet on biathlon but we think that focusing
on obscure betting sports is the easiest way to become a profitable punter.

What do you think?


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