Doug Polk has found a new hobby in discussing the news.

Polk Has Gone Mainstream with New Channel on YouTube

Doug Polk is already a popular YouTuber, having built a very loyal following of almost 200 000 subscribers with videos on subjects like the poker play he has made a name for himself with and the emerging cryptocurrency industry. He has now released a third YouTube channel, that does not yet have a name, but is being described as a place for the poker player to create videos which address more mainstream topics.

Hard-Hitting Topics Like IHOP

In the first of this new category of videos, Polk weighs in on important subjects like the fact that the International House of Pancakes, or IHOP, is becoming the International House of Burgers, or IHOB. Spoiler alert: Polk isn’t happy about the change, but does admit that he hasn’t actually been to the restaurant in at least a decade.

Other subjects he touched on were the incredible popularity of the sandbox survival game Fortnite, full-time video game players in general, the Phil Mickelson US open meltdown punters who enjoy the online betting NZ has to offer will recall, and the United States of America’s non-involvement in the Russian 2018 FIFA World Cup.

He’s Not Finished With Poker

In addition to his entrance into the world of mainstream media insight and criticism, Polk also found the time to upload a brand-new poker video. It addressed the Phil Hellmuth debacle, wherein the player decided to charge investors a very high markup in events for the WSOP and is being roundly criticised for it. Polk’s not averse to clickbait headlines either, and for this one his headline screamed Should Phil Hellmuth be CHARGED WITH FRAUD By the SEC???

Another spoiler: no. Polk at no point suggests that Hellmuth should be prosecuted for his high markups, but he also doesn’t think the Poker Brat is playing fair with his backers. Polk said that while he didn’t think it was cool, and wouldn’t do it himself, he felt that Hellmuth was quite within his rights to do as he pleased. It’s a free market, Polk confirmed, and if the market said so, then Hellmuth’s pricing was fair.

What’s Happening With the WSOP?

Despite the fact that he has not played a single hand this summer, after his Day Two exit from May’s Super High Roller Bowl, Pok did create a little drama at the WSOP. This was thanks to a billboard pop up outside the Rio reading

The billboard, which is still there, was purchased purely for the sake of trolling, which is not, as yet, a crime. PokerStars ambassador Daniel Negreanu has repeatedly been the recipient of Polk’s wrath over the past few years, after he suggested that more rake is better on PokerStars for recreational players since it prevents the professionals from playing.

Polk won’t let it go, as buying the billboard that promotes a site that is little more than an attempt to shame Negreanu proves, so maybe his new mainstream topic discussion site will see him spending some of his time a little more productively?

What do you think?


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