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Lex Veldhuis Poker Player Profile


Lex Veldhuis (born 29 December 1983) is a talented and successful poker player from Vlissingen, Netherlands.

Starting with online play, he had accumulated over 600k in live tournament winnings by 2015. Moving from online to live he was getting very frustrated with the speed difference but seemed to adapt just fine and can be seen on youtube playing feature tables with the likes of Ivy, Brunson, Negrannu and Durr.


When he was younger he was interested in computer games and is known to have played Starcraft a lot – a military science fiction game based in the 26th century where four species struggle for galactic dominance.

It figures that with his interest in computers he has now combined his skills to become a well known youtube and twitch streamer.

You will find the highlights and extras on his Youtube channel. and watch him play live (with a bit of a delay of course) on twitch. He plays poker only on pokerstars, previously using the tag RaSzi (his twitter tag) but now can be easily spotted on the tables as L Veldhuis.

His latest video on twitch is a 13hr stream! The twitch videos are restricted for subscribers only, you will have to dust the flies out of your wallet and pay the $4.99 month subscription fee to watch his twitch.

In this screenshot you can see him sat right next to tonkaaaa, another great online streamer and youtuber who I will be profiling.


Looking back through his youtube channel, he started publishing poker content only 10 months ago (currently July 2017) and has 15k subs. The channel itself though goes back 8 years where you can see his interest in computer games with him publishing Guitar Hero videos.

An interesting video on his youtube is him kickboxing with Elky, concluding with him kicking Elky in the head (not entirely spectacularly) at around 10:30 to win the match. It was quite a hard hitting and serious duel and not the “celebrities having a bit of a fun” that you would be forgiven to have presumed.

It’s a great resource to be able to use his channels to watch and learn how he achieves such good results. The online poker game is a very tough environment and being able to watch how the pros do it is a great tool for any aspiring player.

Sources Wikipedia, Pokerstars
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