UKGC is the standard for all organizations that issue licenses for gambling

The UK Gambling Commision (UKGC) licence and regulate the people and businesses that provide gambling services in the UK. If a casino is regulated by them it should be seen as a positive sign of trust between the consumer and the service that all the games are operating fairly.

Their objectives as listed on their website are:

  • To prevent gambling being a source of crime or used to support crime.
  • To ensure all games are operated in a fair and open way.
  • To prevent underage usage or vulnerable people from gambling.

The Gambling (Licencing and Advertising) Act 2014 requires any company operating in the UK to

uk gambling commission

obtain a licence

and all must adhere to the Gambling act 2005. This is the same authority that regulates the National Lottery. They regulate all gambling websites and operators that offer service to UK players.

How do they regulate?

There are various ways in which they enforce fairness in the industry including regular visits, reviewing financial information and imposing limits on specific licences. All gambling software such as a slots game has to be tested according to their testing strategy before it can made available to the public.

Recent News

Recently in their news section they are reporting that many online businesses are facing enforcement action from the commission for failing to provide clear and coherent information. This is in breach of consumer protection law. If the companies don’t comply with the enforcement they risk losing their licence and will be cut out of the UK market. This only adds weight to the strict rules and the protection being offered.
If your chosen operator is offering services to the UK then you are protected by the UKGC’s fairness enforcement and you can play with confidence.

If you have any doubt or just want to check a brand name, you can easily do so on their website, try it for yourself.


You can also find a list of UK players casinos on this site.

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