Casino bonus values calculated by ThePOGG

When casinos give out signup bonuses, most players assume that the bonuses are not profitable at all as the games have a house edge and the wagering requirements are set high enough such that the player should lose their bonus and deposit on average. The key phrase here is ‘on average’. Yes bonuses and wagering requirements are made to try to make it not so profitable for players but most casinos know the reality is a signup welcome bonus is the cost of acquiring new players. In the big picture the losses casinos endure on welcome bonuses far outweighs the value they gain from regular and loyal players. So if you just want to claim only signup bonuses which give you the most for your deposits, you are always welcome to do it but just keep in mind casino operators might not want you as a player and could limit your account for bonuses.

Casino bonus values calculated by ThePOGG

the-pogg has already made casino welcome bonus calculations and simulations of casino welcome bonuses and rated them based on the value they have for the player. The end result is a list of casino bonuses listing the values. All of these bonuses have a rating for the type of player you are whether a low roller, mid roller, high roller or super high roller. The reason why this was done is that some casinos have variable terms and conditions and it can make a bonus valuable for a low roller but bad for a high roller to play with. Some of the terms and conditions you’ll run into that might limit your bonus value are max bet size restrictions, max win amounts and a few other terms.

Online Casino Promotional Terms & Conditions

Any casino advantage player almost always needs to read the terms and conditions. It is important and when you do it after a while you learn how to get the answers you need as fast as possible and can search them out. It’s still not easy knowing when a bet size limit helps or hurt or when betting 0.50 a spin or more is better than smaller bets.

Find Online Slots House Edges & RTP


ThePOGG has one of the most comprehensive list of online slots RTP figures which shows the category of slots they have including the RTP figures. They have around 1000 online slots reviewed in details and they have acquired RTP figures of slots that haven’t been published anywhere else. These RTP figures come in handy if you want to play a specific game and it’s good to know the slot game’s variance and of course you’ll naturally want to avoid slots that have the highest house edge, which reduces your player edge.

Free Spins & No Deposit Bonuses

Free spins and no deposit bonuses are great and both are very similar. No deposit bonuses you essentially need to play with slots as most casinos won’t allow table games or anything else for wagering, the same applies for progressive jackpots. You’ll need to wager with real money and money you deposited in order to play progressive jackpot games. These bonuses are fun to enjoy but not all casinos offer them. Most casinos will offer free spins upon a deposit so this is the best way to get the most value: claim a deposit match bonus and get free spins bonus on top of it!

Avoid Getting Bonus Banned

If you only claim high value bonuses and only wager the minimum required to cashout, a casino is probably going to bonus ban you very quickly. The casino wants to reward their loyal players and ban their advantage players. As long as you are playing within the rules, you should still be able to cashout but you’ll want to only play with reputable casinos that won’t try to find obscure terms and conditions as a means of stiffing you.

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