Random Number Generator in Online Casino Games

The online casino games come equipped with Random Number Generators (RNGs) that help in producing the game outputs. The outputs generated are random which ensure fair gaming to the players. 

For instance, while looking for the best payout online casinos in Australia, you should also consider if the casino has RNG games or not.

But it is not as simple as explained above. So, how exactly does Random Number Generators work? Let’s know all about it below.

Basics of Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators are software programs which are imbibed into the game programs to produce results of that particular casino game. Although there are various types of RNGs, online casinos make use of something called the pseudo-random number generators.

The speciality of the pseudo RNGs is that they don’t essentially require any kind of external input to generate the gaming output. 

The pseudo RNGs are used in different casino games like slots, blackjack, roulette, poker and so on. Remember, they are equipped only with the software version of these games. If you’re playing live dealer games, there is no RNG involved here. 

Detailed Info on How RNGs Produce Gaming Outcomes

The RNG program makes use of a particular formula stored in it to generate long sequences of random numbers. The program has the capacity of creating these hundreds to thousand digits every second in an arbitrary fashion.

The microprocessors used in the RNGs pick a random number from this string of numbers. This string of numbers ranges from a minute zero to a huge number as big as a billion. Whenever there is a halt made by the game to showcase the output, the number picked by the microprocessor from the string becomes the output. 

For instance, in the slot game, suppose the reels come to stop. The numbers picked by the microprocessor correlate to the reels and that is represented as the output. The RNG used in these games is programmed to develop up to 4 billion digits on every spin. So, basically, every symbol the game lands when the reels come to stop are the result of RNGs. 

Seed Number in RNGs

In RNGs, there is a beginning digit which is considered as the ‘seed number’. The algorithm present in the RNG program makes use of this seed number to generate additional numbers which are absolutely random. Furthermore, these newly developed random digits will be again used to seed and produce new numbers. So, this action of random number generation is repeated indefinitely. 

Prediction of Gaming Output

As mentioned above, the action of generating numbers is random and huge. It is highly impossible for the players or anybody to determine or guess what number will be next produced by the RNG program. This is again, due to the sheer size of the string of numbers which may even go above 200,000 digits. 

Furthermore, the result of the game is determined when the player begin any particular round. Let’s consider slot game again. When the player clicks on the spin button, that is the exact time when the RNG determines the result of that round. 

All in all, Random Number Generators are very important in the software version of casino games. They ensure fair and random gaming to the punters as they are supposed to be!

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