Origins of the Roulette Game

One of the most popular casino games, roulette, has been around for centuries now. Being the game of chance, roulette is an absolutely thrilling game to experience. 

The game is pretty simple to play. It comes with a Roulette table, ball and wheel. You bet on a number or group of numbers on the table, and the dealer spins the ball onto the Roulette wheel. On whichever number the ball stops, that number will win the bet. 

Of course, it’s not that simple too. There are certain rules involved. Moreover, over the years, a few variants of the roulette have also come up, and rules change accordingly. 

But how did it all begin and what is the present condition of this dazzling game? Let’s know all about it below!

Introduction of Roulette Wheel

blaise-pascalThe roulette wheel was accidentally created by a French Mathematician and Physicist called Blaise Pascal. It was in 1655 when this brainy scientist tried to develop a perpetual motion machine. While he was not able to create the machine, he ended up inventing the Roulette wheel instead.   


Introduction of ‘0’

When the Roulette wheel came into existence, there was no zero in it. Up until 1842, the wheel was used to play without any zero. Further in 1842, a single 0 was introduced into the wheel by Francois and Lois Blanc. This came to be known as European Roulette. Along with a single zero, this wheel also had numbers ranging from 1 to 36. Furthermore, the introduction of zero made way for higher house edge into the game. 

The duo Francois and Lois Blanc designed the European Roulette especially for the King of Monaco, Charles III. Although the kingdom was going through financial distress, the King still used this Roulette wheel into his new casino. Turns out, the King profited amazingly well with the help of this game. Till date, this is considered a symbolic representation for Monte Carlo’s gambling culture. 


American Roulette with Double Zeroes

european_and_american_roulette-wheelsWhen the British colonials travelled to America in the 1800s, they took along the culture of Roulette gambling. With an intention of bringing higher house edge into the game, the Americans added double zero into the wheel. So, the American Roulette now had numbers from 1 to 36 along with a single zero and double zeroes. 

While you will find a total of 37 numbers in European Roulette, there are 38 numbers in American variant of the game.

All in all, the game became an utter hit in land-based casinos in different parts of the world. 


Online Roulette 

The software version of the roulette came into existence along with the online casinos in the early 2000s. Now the game was not limited to land-based casinos and the general audience visiting an online casino satisfies players’ taste. In fact, the game could now be easily accessed from any part of the world where there was an internet connection. 

In a true sense, the game is now available to a larger audience across the world than it was before. After the online roulette, live roulette came into existence, and that also remains an utter hit in current times!


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