What Is Micro Betting?

It’s always interesting to keep your ear to the ground where the gambling industry is concerned so you can get the lowdown on all the latest upcoming trends – and it may well be that you’ve already come across the idea of micro betting.

This is likely to become big news in the world of sports betting over the coming weeks and months, so getting to grips with it now comes highly recommended.


It involves making bets just a couple of minutes into the future so, for example, you might place a bet on a particular tennis player committing an unforced error in the game they’re currently playing. Or maybe placing a bet on whether the batsman in a cricket game will hit a six on the next ball.

Micro betting usually takes place in tennis, cricket and football, and bets can be placed on basically any specific event in those games that you could possibly think of. As advancements are made in both sports betting technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, you can expect this kind of gambling to really take center stage.

This can be a really exciting way to gamble and it’s definitely fast-paced, so you can expect your heart rate to increase dramatically! But if you’re looking for a win, you need to really know your stuff and have solid insight into the game you’re watching and betting on, as well as the teams involved and the individual players.

Make sure you do your research into the sport you’re betting on and its intricacies, and you may well be on your way to a tidy little windfall. Reading online gambling blogs can prove very beneficial where this is concerned!

Check out this Sharpside guide to sports betting for tips on getting started.

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