Germany Reaches Agreement On Gambling Industry Regulations

New regulations are set to be introduced for online gambling in Germany in July next year, with the country’s 16 states having now reached an agreement under the new Interstate Treaty on Gambling.

According to Euroweekly News, the new rules seem to be a compromise between those who wanted to see online gambling banned completely and others pushing for a more liberal approach to the pastime.

The regulations will see a ban lifted on online slot games and poker, with operators able to apply for licenses that grant them rights to provide online slot machines, poker and sports betting.

There will be some restrictions in place, such as players only being able to bet a maximum of €1 per spin, with a minimum of five seconds between each spin.

Operators will be able to provide the different forms of online gambling under a single brand, each must have its own designated portion of the site and with no crossover between the three and no visible references to other forms of gambling offered on the site.

Many believe the changes will offer vulnerable players more protection, with casinos now being encouraged to bring in the necessary changes before July 2021 so they can obtain their licenses and avoid fines.

Online gambling has proven very popular as a way to pass the time over lockdown and if you’re new to the pursuit, it’s important to make sure you play responsibly. Understand the rules of each game you play, only play with the amount of money you’re happy to lose and always check that whatever site you’re using has a good reputation for paying out.

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