Gaining The Edge With Free Spins On Slots

Like to play slots and do it with an edge? Player’s have a few tools and resources at their disposal and that amounts to be in the form of casino signup bonuses, free spins and no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are not as popular as they used to be but it seems like most casinos offer free spins so it helps to have a list of free spins casinos to target.

free spins casino
free spins casino

Slots strategies

Many players think slots require no strategy at all but savvy slots players know this is not true at all. Your decisions and how you configure the slot can affect the outcome and either increase or decrease the house edge. Overall you don’t want to do anything that increases the house edge and this is a common mistake that most players make.

Playing with the maximum paylines or maximum coins

There are thousands of online slot games and some slots makers and some of them will make the jackpots available when playing either the maximum coins or the maximum paylines. You should always check to see if this makes a difference or not. If you are not playing the full paylines, you’d hate for a jackpot to appear but not get paid for it because you didn’t bet the maximum paylines to claim it. The same can happen for the number of coins you select, the jackpot could be excluded or a fraction only paid out that is not proportional to the amount you are betting. Every game you’ll want to pay attention to such that you know for certainty that you won’t be giving the casinos any more edge as they don’t need anymore.

Slots RTP & Variance

It’s nice to have a list of slots RTP values so if you have this data then great. If not then you’ll want to know if the slots you want to play have high or low variance. If you prefer bigger jackpots rather than smaller wins that make your game play last longer, then you might be getting the most value out of your slots bonuses. The logis is you’ll lose more frequently but when you win, you’ll win bigger and this is more advantageous to play this way than with a lower variance slot where your money lasts longer but has no real risk of winning big or losing fast.

Maximizing your free spins and casino signup bonuses

Most casinos that offer free spins only give them out when you make a deposit. The good thing about this is you can get the free spins bonus activated and also get their match signup bonus which is usually a 100% match bonus and sometimes higher. So this gives you free spins giving you a chance to win something plus the signup bonus which will basically double your bankroll and give you even more chances of hitting a jackpot. Keep in mind that progressive jackpot games are not eligible

Free spins Bonuses

find online slot house edges
find online slot house edges

For the best casino bonuses visit CasinoBonusesNow (CBN) lists casino bonuses from hundreds of casinos and only will show the bonuses of reputable casinos. It is a great source of casino bonuses and understanding which casinos are worth joining. Atlhough you can find 500 to 1000 online casinos, there are really maybe 100 worth joining and probably only 10 that should be on your list for regular places to play. At CBN they rank casinos based on how they treat players and ensuring they payout in a timely manner and adhere to their own terms and conditions for players.

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