Top 5 Differences Between JRPG vs RPG

Japanese influenced role-playing games and the different concepts of it have enticed gamers and dominated the world over the last decade.

MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) such as World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy have been some of the most popular gaming franchises of all time.


Final Fantasy 14 has surpassed 24 million players and turned over $1.7 Billion in revenue for its founding company Square Enix.

The latest patch “Endwalker” is set to gain much more revenue and interest.


More players than ever are online trying to level up in preparation for the new release.

JRPG is made in Japan and RPGs are created in the West, but the differences in the games are beyond this.

Here are some of the subtle differences between JRPG and RPG.

1. Storytelling

The Japanese role-playing game has a different way of storytelling than the western RPG.

The western game tends to focus more on the cinematic quality rather than the Japanese influenced fantasy settings.

The vivid and sharp fantasy setting of the games is loved by the audiences.



2. Art style

While both Western and Japanese RPGs place equal emphasis on world-building and narrative, the art style of the two is quite different from each other.

Aside from a typical anime look, the role-playing games of the Japanese RPGs tend to follow no specific inspiration, with fantastical settings that encompass a wide range of races and groups.

As a result, the games look quite different from reality. The JRPGs also tend to add stories that appeal to the youngsters and many genres often have Dragon Quest elements in the game mechanics.

When it comes to original final fantasy and science fiction settings, Western RPGs have a more defined framework and modern titles.



3. Gameplay

Both Western and Japanese RPGs soak up hours of playtime, but the way those hours are consumed differs.

There are frequently a variety of side tasks in Western RPGs, each having a substantial plot component. The plots of all games were mostly the same. Completing these side tasks, the player will earn some experience points and contribute to the overarching objective of creating the tale.

In Japanese RPGs, side missions are not at all a thing, instead, what matters is the prizes they unlock, while the player focuses on leveling up their character to take on the world’s major monsters. There’s also a lot more emphasis on level grinding to help characters improve.


4. Platform Appeals

The major focus of the western RPGs is the players playing with PCs. This is why the main focus of the games is the visuals and the graphics. If we talk about the culture in the West, PCs are the biggest flex and every gamer has its updated PC. This is why the games are made considering the PC gamers in mind.

However, things are completely different when we talk about games in Japan. The games in Japan are made keeping touchscreens and consoles in mind, as most people use mobile phones to play games. People, in Japan, prefer playing on portable devices, and the video game that follows this rule becomes the best-selling game.

After the wave of 3D systems and other technological advancements, touch systems have become outdated in the West, that is why the two types of games are completely different from one another.

5. Market

Most of you might be wondering if there is any difference between the two. Well, there surely is. The biggest difference between the two is that JRPGs are made in the Japanese market, that is why they are known as the Japanese RPGs, while the other one has a much wider demographic, which is why these games are called the western RPGs.

It is why the two categories contain very different games. In brief, the JRPG caters to a very small game market that mostly contains Japanese people while the RPG is played all over the world and has a much broader game world.


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