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The terms and conditions are your friend with online casinos.

When opening any casino account you should be paying attention to terms and conditions. The most common and perhaps important issue is that any special offer bonus funds will not be withdrawable until certain wager playthrough conditions are met. You should be hammering the live chat with questions from the outset, before and after you make any real money deposit. Many players will avoid bonuses altogether to avoid this kind of restriction.

Regulation and the Gambling Commission

If a casino is not licenced by the Gambling Commission and they are not legally able to accept players from the United Kingdom.

You can always search https://secure.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/PublicRegister/Search to find out if a company has a license.

It is always a positive thing for them to have this because they enforce regulation. As mentioned, to be able to offer accounts to a player from the United Kingdom you must have a licence with the gambling commission and this can be something to pay attention to. Whether you reside there or not it will be a positive indicator that the vendor is playing by “the rules”. I wrote a brief article about the gambling commission here.

A similar regulatory authority is needed for the USA Casino marketplace which could open many new markets for existing providers and give a good boost to the industry. A casino that has its doors open to players from any country does not exist. For the USA it is made more complicated by the fact that different states have different laws.

Withdrawals terms and conditions

An important detail to mention is that some casinos will have a withdrawal limit per week. You need to bare this detail in mind because you could imagine hitting a sweet win and getting frustrated to find that you aren’t able to withdraw it. It would make you nervous and unsettled to find out details like this later on.

When starting out with any casino site a smart thing to do might be to make a withdrawal as soon as possible. Wherever money changes hands there are laws to abide by.

Recently I came across someone commenting on one of my videos that they had made a great win on a particular site and then for some reason had their account closed after trying to withdraw it. This may sound like a casino trying to scam a player but look at it from the Casinos perspective. If they stand to get fined millions by regulatory authorities by allowing “money laundering” then it could be said that rather than scamming their customer, they are protecting their business.

A casino may or may not allow you to open an account and deposit and play funds without KYC (Know Your Customer) however be prepared to do KYC when making a withdrawal.

New Casinos operators for 2020

With so many online casinos on the market, it’s interesting to see what a new entry to the market will offer. Johnny Kash Casino https://www.johnnykash.com/en was launched in 2020 offering a $6000 match bonus + 200 free spins. Their website design is quite modern and sleek, it could be a good exercise for you to read through their terms and see what they are offering as a new company to entice new players onboard.