Play Roulette without the Zero at Betfair

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Play Roulette Without The Zero At Betfair

UPDATE – Betfair have removed zero roulette. I can only speculate that hardcore gamers were exploiting mathematical systems on it and draining it so badly that it became likely a lot worse than non profitable. I certainly remember some cases of big wins and news stories about this at the time.

You can however still play many other games with zero house edge such as Blackjack and Baccarat.

play roulette without the zeroOne of the most popular casino games in existence is roulette. There are many different bets that a player can make while he is playing roulette.


One of the most common bets is to choose a color, either red or black. People love that bet, because it is pretty much a 50-50 percent chance of which color is going to hit – making it an easy bet.


But why is it only “pretty much” 50-50?


That is because there is normally a zero and sometimes also a double zero spot on the table, which are both green. Anybody who plays Roulette or was played roulette before knows how painful it is to hit 0. When you hit zero or double zero – it doesnt not matter what color you chose, you lose.


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Similarly, even if you have chosen to play the inside numbers of the game, which
many people do to get a 36 times payout, you still lose your bet if it hits zero, or double zero.


One of the ways that you could make your chances a little bit better is to play European Roulette, which only has one zero spot, compared to American Roulette, which has zero and the double zero. You would be surprised how much more better of a chance you have at winning money over time, with such a little variance as that.


Imagine that you could play roulette with no zero or double zero at all?

I guarantee you that this sounds very promising to anybody who has played roulette before and hit on the zero or double zero with a big bet.

300x250_Casino_Jan PromoWell I have great news for you, because there is an online casino that has no zeros at all on their roulette table. I am talking about Betfair, because you could play roulette without the zero on Betfair.


Not only can you play roulette without the zero on Betfair, there are plenty of other games to play too. For example, you could play poker, three card poker, or blackjack. Many people who like roulette also like to play three card poker, because they are such simple and straightforward games.


So if you want to increase your odds at roulette, then head over to betfair and play roulette without the zero. Doing so will increase your chances to win, and will save you from a frustrating big zero hit, that so many of us have experienced while playing American Roulette.

Play roulette without the zero online

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