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Knit Up the Big Win with Online Keno

Every country on earth has a lottery draw of some kind available for its citizens: these raffles give players the chance to win millions for simply choosing the correct series of numbers, and, even if the winners are few and far between, everyone goes in with the same chance.

Casinos are not able to offer jackpots of the same size that national and state lotteries can, but they do make the next best thing available: keno. Not only are the odds in keno better than those for government lotteries, the draws take place far more frequently as well. In fact, in the same way that you can play online slots for real money in Canada and the rest of the world whenever you wish to, keno draws will happen as and when you decide they will!

Keno Keeps Gameplay Simple

Keno is very easy to play, and even more so if you have tried your hand at a lottery. In each of the games, players will select numbers, also known as spots, in the hope that these will come up in the next draw. You will typically be able to make between 1 and 15 picks, and there will be various prizes available which will depend on how many spots you have elected to play.

The Draws and Results of Keno Games

When the draws take place, a total of 20 numbers will be selected, ranging from between 1 and 80. Once these have been chosen, the results will rely on how many of your spots match those which have been drawn: if enough match, you will be able to collect a prize. If you are playing online, then draw are far faster than in land-based arenas.

A Wide Variety of Possible Prizes

Of course, the amount of numbers that have been matched and the prizes corresponding to these totals will vary, and are based on the kind of ticket you have selected.

If you have elected to play just one number, for example, and that number gets chosen, your win may be subject to odds of 3/1. It is important to bear in mind, however, that payouts for keno do not include the return of your initial bet, so if you have spent 1 on a ticket, this would mean that you would receive 3, for a profit of 2. Betting on ten spots and hitting on only five could also well win you some money, and the more spots you hit, the bigger your reward becomes, with a large jackpot usually attached to matching all ten.

Another reason keno is so popular worldwide is that the game requires no real strategy from its players. All the games available online make use of a random number generator for selecting the numbers, so there is no way that you could possibly predict which spots will end up getting selected. The results will be what they are, with no possibility of any manipulation of the outcome, and you can choose to pick whatever numbers are lucky or important for you, and simply hope for the best!

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