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How Are Developers Driving Online Casinos into the Next-Gen of Gaming?

We have come a long way since the first online casinos. Technology has significantly evolved and in diverse directions. Computers are much better today, and smartphones were science fiction in the 1990s. Above all, the internet is faster than ever. Game developers must keep pace with the latest tech news, and the best developers do so brilliantly. So, what can online casino lovers expect from the future? Keep on reading and find out.

A Market in Constant Expansion

Online casinos have followed an upward trajectory since their early days. In 2020, this market was worth $64.13 billion worldwide and was expected to reach around $72 billion this year. The continuous growth of gamers combined with increasing revenue justify a rush for the best platforms with the most innovative gaming options. Such a drive for novelties puts considerable pressure on game developers. Online gamers are sure to enjoy the competition.

Now, we can easily find new free slots with intricate storylines and very realistic live games action. Virtual reality is gaining traction, as well as 3D and AR (augmented reality) games. The new generation of consoles, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, also provides room for expansion. Gamers have never had it so good. Check below the latest trends.

3D, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality

augmented reality


Get your glasses on and be ready for an incredibly immersive experience. Of course, 3D and AR games are already a reality in the most advanced online casinos. Still, VR casinos are something else. Once you put your headset on, you can “walk-around” the casino, interact with other people and their avatars, and even sit on the casino bar. It’s the closest experience you can get to the brick-and-mortar experience.

Blockchain and NFTs

Blockchain and cryptos are all over the news. Perhaps, you’re unfamiliar with how they work, but you’ve undoubtedly heard about bitcoins. So, blockchain is the technology that makes cryptocurrencies viable. Likewise, non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a step forward in the crypto world and one of the most famous ways to acquire digital assets.

Crypto games and NFT games work differently, though. Crypto games use cryptocurrencies in transactions between players and cash-outs. NFTs run parallel to fiat currency, and it’s used to buy items that only exist within the game. NFTs are generated and paid with real money to buy unique items. Those items can be later on sold to other players, using real money.



Online Gambling Through Video Games

Online casinos and video games used to be completely separated worlds. The new generation of video games that can connect to the internet and allow multiplayer games online has changed everything. Top-notch consoles like PlayStation and Xbox offer online casino games where players are able to bet real money. Additionally, games like GTA 5 have in-game casinos, where players can also gamble for real.


Game developers are quick to adapt and employ every new technology. For this reason, gamers and gamblers alike can expect increasingly more realistic games. That’s why this market never stops growing.