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Casino Superstitions That You Ought To Know

When talking about casino games, most discussions revolve around game odds, payouts and sometimes luck. However, apart from these, there is another thing that is as crucial when it comes to casino games i.e. superstitions. For many people especially those that land huge wins or hit massive jackpots, they often talk about how superstitions played a key role in their success. As such, though often sidelined, superstitions are an important factor when it comes to winning in casinos. It is in light of this that we came up with this piece which shares with all gamblers all the common superstitions used in gambling.

It’s our hope that you can adopt one or more of these superstitions so as to improve your luck when playing casino games at Novibet.

Lucky Charmslucky-charmslucky-charms

Many superstitious players do opt for lucky charms. There is a general belief (believed to have originated from Asian culture) that using certain lucky charms will help in improving one’s luck when in the casino. Some of the most popular things used as lucky charms include rabbit foot, a four-leaved clover and a horseshoe. However, we are not in any way advising you to go kill rabbits. Instead of using these, you can look for your own lucky charm.

Lucky Partner

hali-berry-lucky-charmBesides lucky charms, many superstitious players also believe in lucky partners. It’s not really known where this superstition came from but from our studies, we have seen that it is used by players from virtually all corners of the world.

James Bond in his movies does use some pretty beautiful ladies as his lucky partners.

Likewise, there are many gamblers who also come along with their beautiful ladies as lucky partners.


ritualsSometimes, carrying your lucky charms or your lucky partner does not do the trick on its own.

You may need to go a step further and perform some ‘rituals’ so as to summon the gods before you start your gambling adventure.

There are different rituals practised by different players and you too can come up with your own ritual. Just to shade more light on this, here are some rituals performed by some players.

For those who bring partners, they may kiss before the game starts. Others who bring lucky charms may knock on wood, verbally call certain numbers, blow on dice, and stack chips in a certain way, cross fingers and kiss rabbit foot among others.

Lucky Colours and Lucky NumbersLucky-Numbers

Hailing from Asian culture, there is a widely held belief that certain numbers and colours are lucky while others unlucky.

For instance, number 7 is inherently believed to be a lucky number hence when playing, players prefer going for number 7 more often.

Likewise, the colour red is generally considered a lucky colour in Asia and is used for money packets hence when going to a casino, many players prefer donning red colours.