The New Era of the Live Casino Dealer Experience

The online live casino industry is now more important than ever with many casinos now facing complete shutdown and/or complicated regulations


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How it Works

Unlike online casino games where odds and RTP are determined by technology, live casinos are entirely run by a team of staff ranging from waitresses and dealers to upper management in the form of pit-bosses. It’s still based on mathematical probabilities of course but you get the real human experience as opposed to just play against a computer program.

Over the past few years, they have seriously increased in popularity and that is only set to ramp up as more people stay away from brick and mortar operators due to coronavirus restrictions around the world.

live-casino-camerasVital to the live casino operation is the use of HD cameras. These cameras are set up to capture the action and provide crystal clear images to players sitting at home, streaming the video via the internet.

Generally speaking, live casino games are captured by around three separate cameras. Camera one focuses on the dealer’s face. This gives players at home the human touch of a brick and mortar casino. Camera two will be focused on the overall setting, while camera three is focused intensely on the game itself. For instance, at a roulette table, camera three would be centered on the wheel so players know exactly which numbers have come in.

Also key to live casinos in the monitor. This allows the dealer to see the players currently playing at their table. Having a reliable in real time chat option is vitally important for the live casino to work. It allows players to place their bets easily and sort out any issues verbally.

What games are available?

So which games are available to play? One of the most popular live casino options is roulette. All different variants of the famous casino game are available, and it is a particular favorite of novice players due to how simple it is.

Most of your classic casino games games now be played live online.

Blackjack is a game that transfers extremely well to the live casino format. The presence of a live dealer to compete against makes it far more enjoyable than playing against the CPU, which you are forced to do in normal online casino settings.

Baccarat can also be played on the overwhelming majority of live casinos. The dice-based games are popular for the same reasons as blackjack. It is just simply much more fun testing your luck against the house as opposed to the computer.

Ever more entertaining live casino games are emerging. Many online streamers are seen to be playing games such as Monopoly, Crazy Time and Lightening Roulette.


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