Which sports betting operator to choose? Betfair vs. Matchbook

Betfair vs Matchbook

Which sports betting operator to choose? Betfair vs. Matchbook

Choosing between Betfair and Matchbook is no easy task; both operators offer a huge range of markets, and a welcome bonus for new customers.

This overview will help you decide between these two leading bookies.




Sign-up Bonus

£30 free on £10 deposit

£20 free on £5 deposit

Available markets






Mobile app







Welcome bonuses – Betfair

Our Pick: Betfair takes the lead with a 200% bonus for new punters.

Both Betfair and Matchbook have sign up offers for players opening their first account.

With Betfair, when you deposit £10, you’ll receive £30 free to play with.

Once you enter your registration details and add £10 into your account, your £30 bonus will be automatically credited to your account.

Matchbook’s offer is a £20 welcome bonus bet when new players make a starting deposit of £5 or more. You can use code MBMAX to get your sign up bonus; or click the link above. Just deposit £10 on a back bet, and another £10 on a lay bet and you’ll be redeemed with a £20 bonus.

(Note: both sign up offers are only applicable to new members. Matchbook’s welcome bonus must be redeemed within 48 hours)

Range of markets – Betfair

Our Pick: Betfair outplays Matchbook in terms of the range of markets, offering the better a considerable amount of choice for their money.

Betfair and Matchbook offer a great variety of markets on dozens of different sports.

Betfair has over 30 different sports markets at any one time, including several types of greyhound and horse racing. The breadth of divisions, from Italian football to UEFA Champions League, is sure to be tempting for football fans.

betfair vs matchbook

Matchbook offers a solid selection of markets, including politics and current events. However the choice is quite limiting in comparison to Betfair.

Best odds – Betfair

Our Pick: Superior odds, paired with their diverse range of markets, make Betfair the ideal place to bet your money.

When it comes to which operator offers the best odds it is very difficult to choose between the two. Large bookmakers generally provide similar markets and these two are no exception.
betfair vs matchbook

Betfair and Matchbook offer generally identical odds, however Betfair’s range of markets give them a slight advantage.

Betfair also gives the option to bet on qualifiers on sports like football, something which might appeal to a wider audience of betters.

Mobile – Betfair

Our Pick: Betfair and Matchbook offer a reliable and fun service, however Betfair delivers further with the option to create multibets.

Both operators have dedicated mobile apps which are great for wagering on-the-go.


Both apps give customers access to the same great odds, range of markets and live betting.

Matchbook’s app is available for iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Android; whereas Betfair’s mobile application can be used on Android, iPhone / iPad, and Blackberry. Both operators seem neck and neck in terms of user accessibility.

Our Overall Verdict – Betfair

Both sites provide a great betting service for your betting needs, but Betfair is our champion.

Their very extensive betting markets, solid odds, and generous welcome bonus make Betfair a great operator to bet with.

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