Macau May Be the New Gambling Mecca, But Vegas is Still the King of the Slots


When it comes to gambling cities or regions, the biggest historically has been Las Vegas and its notorious strip. The backdrop of many of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and home to some of the biggest and prolific casinos in the world, Las Vegas was supreme for a half-century as the gambling mecca of the world.

According to facts from Casinosites, the island of Macau off the Chinese coast, a Chinese administered region, has grown to dwarf the scale and gambling culture of Vegas over the past decade.

Macau Makes More Gambling Revenue

Macau now attracts more than 3 times the gambling revenue of Las Vegas, bringing in over 28.04 billion US dollars in gross gaming revenue alone last year. Furthermore, gambling revenue in Macau is growing faster than the predicted 15-20% growth projections, and in May 2017, saw monthly gambling revenue increase by 23.7% – to 2.83 billion dollars per month.

Big Hotels & Casino Brands

When it comes to big hotels and casino brands, all the big players that had once bet so heavily on Vegas are now in Macau. The Venetian, MGM GRAND and WYNN casinos have all set up shop in Macau and Macau now has nearly double a number of guestrooms as Las Vegas, with over 30,000 guestrooms compared to Vegas’s 16,791.

Where Vegas is Still King

One sector that Vegas still continues to lead in is the famous slot machines that made Vegas famous. Macau has a more serious gambling culture that revolves heavily around table games. In Vegas, gaming machines account for nearly 6.7% of gambling, while in Macau, gaming machines account for less than 0.3%. For those looking to try their luck pulling the handle of the slot machines, Macau has only 8,561 gaming, slot and video poker machines combined. Las Vegas on the other hand with 197,144 slot machines alone and is still the biggest gambling destination for slot players worldwide.

Other Sectors

Aside from the slots, Vegas also has the advantage of having lotteries and bingo. Macau unfortunately also does not have this type of gaming available to its patrons. Vegas also has an advantage in terms of the horse racing sector, with a 2.6% to 0.1% advantage in terms of total gaming played.

Aside from these slight advantages and the few forms of gambling that aren’t played in Macau, Macau is the new Mecca of gambling globally. However, for the few serious slots, bingo, and horse racing enthusiasts, Vegas is still the go-to destination and will always be “King of the Slots”.

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