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The New World of Legalized Sports Betting in the USA

The differing gambling laws of the USA states are a difficult puppy to manage in terms of offering visitors to my site the best options. It seems many states now are in the process of at least introducing legalised sports betting.

In May 2018 the USA Supreme court changed the game by allowing states to manage the laws themselves and now we have seen many pass bills and progress is upon us.

Check out this map for a quick glimpse of the “state” of play.

You can see in green the areas where you should have no trouble signing up to and playing both sports and casino sites. Obviously we have Nevada home of Las Vegas but also we have Pensylvania, Rhode Island, West Virgina, Delaware, New Jersey and Mississippi.

The yellow areas have a bill introduced perhaps to allow sports betting – each case is different. The blue ones already had existing laws and nothing has changed. The only state that isn’t interested to change is Utah. The grey areas just haven’t introduced a new bill as yet.


This map and infographic is used with permission from the good folks at Njgames, you can find a lot more information about this topic and a very nice interactive map here https://njgames.org/future-of-sports-betting-infographic/