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Top things to consider when selecting a gambling app for horse racing

gambling app for horse racing

Horse racing seems to be the only major sport taking place around the world during the coronavirus lockdown. Granted, the races have gone behind closed doors but there is still a similar amount of options when it comes to placing wagers on races, particularly in the United States and Japan.

If you are viewing this as an opportunity to invest more time and energy on horse racing betting, then you are not alone. But before you go ahead and start placing your bets, it’s important to have access to the apps and gambling sites that are best set up for horse racing.

Therefore, here are the top things to consider when choosing a betting company that will aid in your horse racing betting experience.

Does it show live races?

Where is the fun in betting on horse races if you can’t actually watch the races live? Only the very biggest races around the world – like the Preakness Stakes, Dubai World Cup, and Cheltenham Festival – are readily available to watch on television or online. For the vast majority, you will likely need a monthly subscription to a dedicated racing channel, but even then, many races will not be shown.

However, certain betting companies have deals that allow them to show practically every race taking place around the world, as long as you have a funded account or have placed a bet on that specific race. Therefore, before any other considerations, check that the betting company shows the races.

Does it offer expert advice?

Unless you are directly involved in the horse racing industry or take a very close and active interest in the sport, it can be a minefield trying to determine the best value bets. That is why the betting sites with the best horse racing services commonly provide direct and concise advice to help you decide which bets to make and which bets to avoid.

This advice will either be in the form of a short, written paragraph or a brief audio note previewing the race and giving reasons why certain horses should be considered and why certain horses should be avoided. Additionally, this advice won’t be based on hunches or personal instinct, but will be constructed after thorough data analysis, which will typically be based on form, weather and track conditions, and pre-race odds.

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Ahead of a major race, these pieces of advice will likely be more detailed. For example, an expert might explain the reasoning behind the fluctuating Preakness Stakes odds and spot openings in the markets.

Are the odds competitive?

Given the saturation of the online betting industry over the past decade or so, with thousands of operators springing up all over the world, this is not as big a concern as it used to be as most major betting outlets will be offering similar odds, particularly for big races.

That being said, you want to make sure you are not being stung and the odds on the betting site you choose are consistent with other providers. The most efficient way to check this is by heading over to an odds-comparison site, pulling up a few upcoming races, and see how the odds stack up against other operators.

Another odds-based consideration is how generous the betting company is with its Each-Way payouts. This could play a big factor because if one site offers each-way places for the top six for a major race and another only offers it for the top five, just imagine if you choose the second site and your horse places sixth?

Also consider that some betting companies sponsor certain races, jockeys and trainers, so will likely be running special bonuses, enhanced odds, free bets, cashbacks, and other promotions when they have a special interest in that race.

How good is the app/mobile site?

So you have found a betting site that shows live races and offers expert advice and competitive odds, but unless it all comes in an easy-to-use and functionable app and mobile site, then it will eventually drive you crazy.

Fortunately, most of the biggest betting companies have spent millions building and upgrading user-friendly apps, so this might just come down to personal preference.

However, there are some factors to consider. How fast does the app run when using data? How responsive are the in-play features? How well does the live TV feature work? How efficient is it to make deposit and withdrawal requests? Is there an easy-to-access live chat for customer support?

The best way to discover how good an app might be is to take it for a test drive. Register an account, make a minimum deposit and just trial it for a few days. Then do the same with a few more apps, until you decide your favourite.

That way you have open accounts on a variety of betting apps, which you can access if they are running any special promotions for specific races or events.

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