Is it worth playing online slot tournaments?

Slots fans are watching their favourite games develop at lightning pace with brand new features, life-like designs and intriguing mechanics taking these once simple products to a whole new level. 

For many, the solitary aspect of this type of iGaming has always presented a barrier and if there was a way to add a sociable edge, then they’d be over the moon. And that’s exactly where slot tournaments come into their own.

A simple concept with awesome results

Slots tournaments take the original reel-spinning fun and give players the added opportunity to compete against other fans. It increases the choice for slot players and lets them choose between going it alone or taking on other fans at that site. Prizes come from achieving the best results and you don’t have to place high wagers to have a chance of hitting the top payouts.

How slot tournaments work

With a regular slot game, you choose your wager amount and any winnings are, generally, paid out as a multiplier of that amount. There are exceptions such as progressive jackpots, which can release huge prize pots regardless of your bet amount but in practice, you still need to up the ante to have a better chance of winning.

Slots tournaments are played out on a predetermined title or titles that everybody spins for the same wager amount. And don’t think that just because this is a tournament that old and outdated slots are all that’s available. Megaways games, gridded slots, hold & win feature games and many other modern variants all pop up in these challenges.

Players will sometimes use their own money to spin or they may get to play with credits that have already been loaded up for them. When the action ends, the player who achieves the most points—as determined by the game rules—heads to the top of the leaderboard and wins the top prize. Others fall in line and pick up their prizes depending on their place on the list of players.

Some games, such as Drops & Wins tournaments from Pragmatic Play can also hand out random prizes along the way just for taking part, so you don’t always need to have the most successful slot session to benefit.

You can often find prizes for the first 10, 20 or even more players on the leaderboard with cash payouts, free spins, bingo tickets and various other rewards for your achievements. But what does this all cost you?

Some slot tournaments are free

Some tourneys are available as part of a promo and players get to take part during a fixed period. If you’d like to take part in these, then you simply need to check out the details at your favourite site and opt-in where necessary. 

On the flip side, there are comps that run continuously and require players to put up a fixed stake to buy in and have a chance of winning. If you’ve ever tried a Sit & Go poker tournament, then you’ll know how this goes. 

It could also be a case of opting in and playing in a regular way, then the bigger your top winning spin during your gaming session, the higher up the board you will go.

Things to bear in mind

Spending an extended amount of time at the spin button isn’t always a good idea and it may encourage you to play for longer than you usually would. If you’re playing for fixed credit and aren’t spending more of your own money to play, then this isn’t such an issue, but if you are pumping in more cash to climb the leaderboard, then this could be problematic. Remember that there are plenty of tools out there to keep you safe while gambling online, and you should always be aware of your options.

Check out the slot selection

While there are loads of different tourneys to enjoy, you might have a specific game that you want to play. If the game or games you like aren’t included then you need to consider if it’s right for you. It can get a little monotonous bashing the spin button on a slot that you have no interest in.

Are you entering a tourney or a prize draw?

Some slot tournaments aren’t really tournaments at all and are simply prize draws masquerading as the former. Check the details carefully to ensure that you’re entering a competition as outlined above and not simply playing a slot to reach a certain wager total that grants you access to a prize draw.

Other games are available

The vast majority of players are happy to stick to slots tournaments but it isn’t always a requirement. Some big-name casinos will let you opt-in and play a host of different games to try and build up the biggest balance or some other achievement to climb a leaderboard.

Table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat are popular alternatives to play as part of a tournament, and this is a great way to add a little variety to proceedings.

Final thoughts

If you love playing slots but would like a little more of a competitive feel to the game, then these tournaments could be perfect for you. Make sure you choose the right type of tournament and never exceed your budget.

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