Bilzerian is alive and kicking, and at the Red Rock Casino!

Bilzerian Spotted Playing at Las Vegas’ Red Rock Poker Room

Dan Bilzerian once stated that he had lost US$3.6 million in a game of poker, but the playboy millionaire was not at risk of doing anything like that at a Las Vegas cash game recently.

The Instagram King, as he is known, is reportedly worth around US$150 million. And although he has become famous for flashing his high-roller lifestyle on social media in the past, he has started claiming that those days are behind him, thanks to his steady girlfriend.

Perhaps he’ll start exploring the world of real money blackjack? Another possible reason for his taking things a little easier is that he was one of the survivors of the Las Vegas shooting on the 1st of October in 2017, something he, obviously, broadcast on Instagram.

Bilzerian Seemed Nicer Than Expected

Brad Owen, the popular poker vlogger on YouTube, bumped into Bilzerian unexpectedly at the Red Rock Casino, and immediately jumped in to the $1/2 No-Limit Hold’em game he was playing.

Not only did Owen managed to capture a few of the hands they ended up playing together, but the videos he posted showed a far less biting side of the man who has publicly portrayed himself as a not-so-nice guy. As far as the game went, Bilzerian, who was playing with girlfriend Sophia in attendance, as well as a few other friends, did not disappoint, either, stacking off a number of times.

Owen made sure to point out that it was fairly obvious that the money didn’t mean that much to the high-rolling gambler. Owen said that it was clear that Bilzerian was just there to have some fun, and that it seemed that he was a pretty wild player, who was fond of bluffing.

Proof of Bilzerian’s High Risk Playing Style

In one of the early hands, Own turned a US$20 bet into a pot worth US$48, holding a 7 and 5 of clubs on a board displaying a 6 of clubs, a 3 of spades, and a 2 and a 5 of diamonds. Bilzerian then goes all in, for US$150, and Owen remarks that while he would generally fold that hand, he feels forced to call against the Instagram King.

His instincts are proven correct, with Bilzerian turning over the 7 of hearts and the 2 of spades for a Bottom Pair. This sees Bilzerian bricking the river, and losing a pot worth US$300 with the worst hand in a poker game.

Bilzerian Still Courting Controversy Where He Can

Despite having largely stepped back from the spotlight he himself sought out on social media, Bilzerian has, luckily for us, managed to find time in his busy schedule to feud with three-time winner of the WSOP bracelet and poker celebrity Doug Polk.

The pair got into a back-and-forth on Twitter when Polk openly questioned Bilzerian’s claims that the majority of his wealth was come by from playing poker. A number of bets were proposed in an effort to settle the dispute, but, at the end of the day, nothing came of it.