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It’s fun to grow cannabis in your bedroom with Flowerpatch

Flowerpatch have created an online world where you can plant cannabis nft’s and breed them to make unlimited variations of plants.

Potentially you can get lucky and create a legendary plant which could be worth many thousands of dollars.

Not only that but if you can create a legendary plant with high stats, everyone in the game will want to breed with your genetics to create their own high level nfts. If somebody breeds with your plant then you get paid a commission.

Plants have five levels of rarity:-


This game was originally developed using Ethereum as the main in game currency. Using Ethereum is not very practical these days with the high prices causing gas fees that are unusable. A recent update to the game is that the nfts are available on the matic network, opening up the game in terms of usability and a great milestone for the dev team to now create many more new and interesting features.

A new much larger game world will soon be available and the new in game currency of “SEED”, a matic network token has been introduced. This will be taking the game to the next level and allowing users to use their harvested seed for payment to breed with other plants.

At the time of writing, breeding is only available to be paid in Ethereum. If you do this on a Saturday or Sunday when gas prices are much more reasonable you can still get quite a few breeds done at minimal cost. I did this last weekend and paid about 30 dollars in total for 3 breeds, so about $10 a breed.

All the nft’s that you create will automatically be made available to browse in Opensea – the leading NFT trading platform.


When you click the flowerpatch filter as above, you will now also have filters available in the left hand menus that allow for you to sort by rarity and all other flower stats – which in the grand scheme of things is a very important part of playing this game.

To get started in this game you can browse and buy many common level plants for only 50cents each. You can also message the admins in the discord and they will send you a free common flower to get you started. Personally I spent about 20 bucks buying plants on opensea and then did 3 breeds with various legendary plants that I found around the map. When you breed, you will receive 3 new nfts and so for me this gave me a little farm of about 20 plants to play with in total.

If you are new to using crypto and you want to give this game a try then you might have a little journey ahead of you here in becoming accustomed to using metamask, matic network, trading nfts on opensea and just getting used to how the game works in general. All the information that you need will be found by digging around in their discord.

Make sure that when you first start the game in google chrome (on a computer, not a phone – haven’t tried this on a phone yet personally) you need to

  1. Enable hardware acceleration in Chrome settings
  2. Disable particles in the main in game settings.


Come and check out my little island in the bottom left corner of the map. I think this is a great little game that is quite ahead of the competition, having been in development many years already. The recent polygon/matic upgrade allows greatly enchanced usability in contrast to the high gas fees of Ethereum and I look forward to see the new game worlds and features that come.

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