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update 17/03/2022 I wrote this piece in anticipation of the release of the multiblockchain nft swap platform and this was pending the Certik audit being completed. Latest news is that there were some issues in the audit (don’t say the f word) and that will have to be sorted before it gets released and so it could be more like the summer now but nobody really knows, only perhaps the devs themselves would have a realistic timescale, and this type of information is usually kept secretive – because otherwise, it gives expectations to investors that may not be able to be met and puts the team under pressure. The incomplete audit didn’t seem to really affect the price at all and it currently sits just under 4 cents. You can check on the progress of the audit cleanup tasks here. https://www.certik.com/projects/emblem


$COVAL is a cryptocurrency developed by Shannon and Dawn Code from Emblem Vaults. This token was launched many years ago as the token behind the idea of combing multiple tokens into one token.

This idea is very powerful, it’s something they have been working on and building up to fully launching for many years now.

Many new developments are coming to this project, not least a brand new listing on Coinbase today  and a new NFT marketplace that is in final stages of audit.

The community have been patiently waiting for this audit to finish and the product/ NFT swap platform to be launched.


The devs pulled quite a curveball to announce a Coinbase listing when everyone was expecting the announcement of the platform going live. I heard it said that it was difficult for them to keep quiet about it, having had to sign a nondisclosure agreement about it many months ago.

When Coinbase made the tweet that they were to list $COVAL, the market reacted very strongly.


This double whammy of the Coinbase listing and the nft marketplace are serious rocket fuel to make this token soar. It’s very much still an underground nft geek sort of project, or at least it has been, but the developments they have made are very impressive. You can still pick this coin up for about 8 cents at the time of writing.

The NFT space

When people think of NFTs they may think of Bored Apes Yacht club – pictures of monkeys that sell for millions. It’s fair to say that a lot of people don’t really get the idea of NFTs. The way I see it is that an NFT is still just a sort of cryptocurrency, so to have a jpeg slapped on the front of it is still better than a plain old cryptocurrency without one. It can be difficult to imagine why NFTs are so cool and not just jpegs and $COVAL are going a long way to bring the potential out.

Metaverse is a new buzzword in the space which I take to mean assets being used in game – such as NFTs. Surely COVAL will have something to offer the space with its multi chain functionality and so the upcoming surge of metaverse will be another good force to help COVAL succeed.

Self custody wallet

Until now, the whole project has revolved around Vaults, which is simply an nft that contains a variety of currencies and also can contain many nfts. So one of its simple uses is a self custody wallet or perhaps a way to bundle a lot of different tokens and nfts together and sell them as one unit.

Now I have to be honest and say that while the idea of creating your own self custody wallet is really cool, it’s not really something I need all that much. I have a ledger nano and any of my coins live in my ledger wallet (or at least have to be approved from it). I just don’t have any need to create a vault and store coins in it. However, as they release the new products, the use cases are becoming much more interesting.

Here is a pic of a simple vault I made.


Off the bat, I do have a collection of NFTs and I do want to sell them. Wouldn’t it be cool to wrap a load of rare nfts and buy/sell a set of them at once! Have a look at them if you like https://punk.directory. These are songbird NFTs that I have collected as the new ecosystem of Flare launches. At the moment there is no marketplace to sell them which is very frustrating.

I would love to wrap these up in a vault and sell them as a complete collection.

A whole lot of other use cases which I can’t claim to fully understand are in the works.

Creating a vault

300 $COVAL is used to create a vault (the amount will likely change as the token value changes), quite a simple process and can be done on a variety of chains such as Eth, Binance smart chain and Polygon. If you are to create a vault then I would advise to avoid doing it on ETH network and use one of the other chains. I have had good success creating vaults on Polygon and Binance Smart chain. If you do it on ETH you are just wasting money paying the gas and approval fees for little benefit.

coval meme

Getting started

The current onramp would be to buy the ETH COVAL token on Coinbase and withdraw it to your metamask. You would have to withdraw on the ETH chain because Coinbase doesn’t support bnb/polygon chain withdrawals. Then connect your metamask wallet to their site to begin to create your vault. There are various ways to bridge between chains that I don’t want to get bogged down in. There was a swap feature on their site but this has intermittently been disabled because of arbitrage exploits.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the upcoming pulsechain snapshot (perhaps next month/April 2022) will clone all the coins you are holding on ETH chain. I am certainly holding my coval on ETH chain for this reason. Noone knows if cloned coins will hold much value or have liquidity but it’s better to have them than not.


So the new Coinbase listing is obviously a huge leap for any coin, something that should serve as a catalyst for this coin to pump. Once people start to hear more about the project and realise that the NFT platform is in final audit phase and about to release, it will likely pump some more. Once the platform comes out it will surely pump some more. Once staking and the Coval $FUEL token is released it should pump even more. So I hope you see what I’m getting at, this one is set to pump.



Official Team

Shannon Code: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shannoncode
Dawn Code: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawncode
Eric Porper: https://www.linkedin.com/public-profile/in/porper

Official websites




How to


Official Telegram Channels

Coval Official Chat: @Coval_Chat
Coval Price Chat: @Lounge_Chat
Coval Asian Community: @Coval_Asia
Coval German Speaking Community: @coval_Germany
Coval Russia Community: @circuitsofvalueru
Coval Netherlands: @coval_nl

Set up your Metamask for our different networks!


Buy and Trade $COVAL

– use above contract addresses on the correct network DEX!
– Uniswap (ETH DEX): https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x3d658390460295fb963f54dc0899cfb1c30776df&outputCurrency=ETH
– Pancakeswap (BSC DEX): https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap
– Sushiswap (FTM DEX): https://exchange.sushi.com/#/swap
– Honeyswap (xDai DEX): https://app.honeyswap.org/#/swap
– QuickSwap (DEX, Layer 2): https://info.quickswap.exchange/pair/0xe3d70710d4a478d943bfec758343db3b42593471
– Stex: https://app.stex.com/en/trade/pair/BTC/COVAL/1D
– Bilaxy: https://bilaxy.com/trade/COVAL_ETH
– Resfinex (Note higher withdrawal fees): Resfinex.com
– Hoo (Note higher withdrawal fees); Hoo.com

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