The Benefits of Being a Casino High Roller

Everyone enjoys a casino bonus – what’s not to love about getting something for nothing? Even customers playing at the very lowest stakes appreciate a freebie, whether that’s a complimentary drink or some free spins on a popular slot machine.

Most casinos try to offer all players a little extra something, as it helps to foster goodwill and keep the gameplay going. But flash enough cash and you could be entering the world of the high roller, which is where the biggest and best rewards are to be found.

Land-based luxury


Appearances can be deceptive, so you won’t necessarily be able to tell that someone’s a high roller just by looking at them. Bespoke tailoring is by no means essential – it’s money that talks, so making a deposit of around £10,000 or more would be sure to make those in charge sit up and pay attention. Players with exceptionally large bankrolls are sometimes referred to as ‘whales’, and the big casinos are prepared to pay ‘whale hunters’ to seek them out and persuade them to pay their establishment a visit.

For players who are prepared to go seriously large with their bets, casinos will go to extreme lengths to ensure complete satisfaction. High rollers visiting bricks-and-mortar casinos can expect the full red-carpet treatment with a plenty of exclusive perks, such as:

  • Access to luxurious VIP rooms with high table limits. Most players don’t even know such rooms exist, but anyone with a huge bankroll can anticipate a very different casino experience.
  • Fine dining and hospitality packages. The biggest casino whales can expect chauffeur-driven transport and free accommodation in top-class suites. No expense is spared in providing players with the most expensive wines and champagne, and it’s all on the house!
  • A personal casino host. A casino high roller won’t ever have to go searching for anything, whether it’s a gaming table or refreshments. Nothing is too much trouble for the big-league casino players, with special dedicated hosts on hand to cater to every need.
  • Invitations to exclusive events. It’s ironic that the people least in need of free tickets to the most sought-after events don’t even need to open their wallets. Spend enough money at a casino and you can expect to receive free tickets to a variety of top-class concerts and sporting events.

Online casino bonuses for high rollers

There are high roller perks to be found at online casinos too, although they’ve been adapted to take advantage of the digital experience. From the outset, a high roller at an online casino will benefit from a bigger welcome bonus, better deposit bonuses and more generous cashback rewards. Online casino bonuses are often based on a percentage of the amount deposited, so the high roller is always bound to have a distinct advantage over players with more modest bankrolls.

The online casino high roller receives an even bigger boost when claiming a no wagering bonus. Since any winnings don’t need to be played through before they can be withdrawn, the potential returns could be impressive. The bigger the bonus, the more attractive this proposition becomes!

Tailored bonuses and exclusive benefits


Playing online doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a personalised experience either. Just as a VIP host at a land-based casino will tailor perks to your tastes, so too will many online reward programmes. Many sites offer a VIP programme that’s open to everyone, but the more you deposit and wager, the higher up the levels you climb.

High rollers quickly reach the highest VIP tiers, which is when special benefits come into play. By the time players reach the upper levels they can expect cashback on losses, special bonuses for favourite games and even a personal online host. Generous deposit boosts and exclusive tickets are often available too, so players can choose a package that’s perfectly suited to their personal tastes.

Pitfalls to watch out for


It’s clear that high rollers who want to explore the world of online casino games will find plenty of added-value extras to enjoy. It’s important to be aware of their limitations though, so a thorough read-through of the full bonus terms and conditions – as boring as it’s likely to be – simply can’t be avoided.

High-stakes gameplay comes with plenty of benefits, but it’s not always plain sailing by any means. There are a few negatives to look out for too, including:

  • Bigger bonuses can make it harder to comply with high wagering limits and still be left with any funds to withdraw. Be sure to check out the playthrough requirements before claiming and using an online casino bonus.
  • Some bonuses come with such a short time limit that it’s almost impossible to complete the necessary wagering before the bonus goes out of date. Always check the timescales of a bonus before opting in.
  • Bonuses often come with restrictions on the games they can be used for. You may be restricted to playing specific slots, for example, and games such as Blackjack and Baccarat are often excluded due to their higher-than-average RTP.

Even high rollers need to gamble responsibly

High rollers may seem extravagant with their betting, but since they have the funds to support their losses, they’re usually considered to be less likely to run into problems associated with problem gambling.  Having said that, once a player has achieved high-roller status, there could be a desire to maintain it at the expense of good bankroll management. Nobody is immune to the risks of gambling harms, including high rollers and players at the top of the VIP tiers.

Anyone experiencing any doubts or issues about their gambling activities should take advantage of safer gambling resources, which are widely available. Thanks to a legal requirement in the UK, all licensed and regulated gambling sites in the UK provide tools to help set deposit and time limits. Well-signposted links are also provided to dedicated support groups such as GamCare and BeGambleAware. Everyone is always welcome to approach these organisations without fear or judgement – high rollers included.

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