Online casinos expanding it’s market for 2017

instacasino online casinoOnline casinos expanding it’s market for 2017

2016 was a year filled with ups and downs in the world of online gambling. Notable trends that we saw included the surge in women gamers, affiliate programs like Honest Partners, and the number of mergers.

Furthermore, the increased use of mobile devices (like tablets, smartphones, smart watches, etc.), saw an expansion in the online gambling product market. The younger demographic has also increased its online activity as well. These changes have resulted in a boost of the marketing efforts to attract these potentially lucrative sections of the population as well as an adjustment in tactics due to their different gambling styles. For instance, many operators have started creating ad campaigns that appeal to women specifically. In other words, their marketing efforts have tried to attach a gentler, more personal spin on gaming.

Daily Fantasy Sports betting, a type of betting that comes with a new set of rules and some skill (in terms of betting on online sports betting) has also changed the landscape.
As you can see, last year was filled with surprises. But, the year has ended and now it’s time to look towards the future. Thankfully, things are looking up for the online casino industry in 2017 and the foreseeable future. In fact, the worldwide online gambling market is expected to see significant growth by 2020. Interested in learning more? Keep reading for our short, but compelling, analysis.

A Change in Perception
There are several countries all over the world that use gambling as a major source of revenue. But, most places have either outright outlawed the pastime or imposed strict laws on it.
But recently, there’s been a huge shakeup in terms of online gambling regulations. Now, gamers from all over the world can play their favorite casino games on sites like InstaCasino whenever and wherever they please. Because of a relaxing of online gambling rules, governments have been able to generate a lot of tax related revenue that can be used to benefit their societies.
How is this possible, you ask? The answer is simpler than you may think. When gamers win, this money is taxed. The taxes are then used by the governments to fund social programs. Furthermore, online gambling has created a number of employment opportunities in places all over the world. These two factors are leading to a slow change in the perception (for the better) for the industry.

What We Can Expect in 2017

As a result of this good fortune and just pure business sense, we can expect the online gambling industry to expand in many ways. Some key trends to look out for include: Continuous Rise in the Popularity of Online Betting.

The online betting sector’s market share of the internet gambling industry is expected to grow to approximately 45% within the next three years. In other words, this sector alone will effectively dominate the market.

This sector is usually used to describe the sports category, especially in terms of the European Championships and the FIFA World Cup. But, it’s not only limited to these segments. Greyhound racing and horse racing are also popular online betting pastimes.

Desktop Beats Out Mobile in 2017
The desktop segment is expected to dominate the market, with almost 70% of the total market share within the next four years. Although there has been an increase in gamers using portable devices, the desktop segment will continue to reign simply because it is considered to be more convenient. In other words, the bigger screen size provides a better online gaming experience than its smaller counterpart.

Alternative Financing Options
We can expect to see a rise in alternative financing options in the next year. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have been proven to make online gambling not only safer, but easier for many as well.

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