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Casino cryptocurrency coins and ICO’s for 2018

Using bitcoin for gambling has become a hot topic in the casino and crypto world, many Casinos already exist that allow deposit, play and winnings all in crypto.

Some of the casinos that I already have on my website here @ the-players-edge.com such as SlotsLV, Bodog and Bovada will all allow Bitcoin deposits and play and have done for sometime. The addition of cryptocurrency as a payment method though is not the full story. A new wave of crypto gambling software is on the cards.

There are a lot of new developments in casino based ICO’s, cryptocoins and gaming software, it’s all building in time. If mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency is to happen, which seems to be beginning, then the adoption by all online casino and betting portals is more than likely. What’s more, the notion of the coins created by the crypto software companies becoming real and high value currency has fueled a lot of creative projects, making it an exiting future for new online gaming projects and innovative coin ideas.

There’s a lot underway that’s interesting. I believe the following coins offer an investment opportunity while the sector is still growing. They should do well in the current conditions alongside the boom of crypto in general.

One of the major players  https://funfair.io/ and one I have been following for a while is a project called FUNFAIR that are developing both a coin and a casino + the ability for you to create your own casino, all using their own coins – the FUN coin. funfairThey recently partnered with a new gaming software company which is great positive news. Up to now their demo section was good but not really standing out graphically, getting a sweet interface together is high on their priorities and will surely help themselves to promote and grow. With a huge team of creative people – including the man responsible for the skyfox Nintendo game, the team are currently working on their interface and applying for all their licences – as well as promoting themselves heavily at tradeshows.. A clear whitepaper, roadmap and social media presence is evident.

The coin price is still quite low at only 5cents or so each and offers anyone a cheap investment opportunity for a very large project. You can get coins by depositing Bitcoin at Coinbase with your bank card, sending it to your Binance account and then buying the FUN token on Binance with the btc/fun pair. Price at time of writing is 0.00000539.satoshis. There is huge scope for growth with this coin and at 5 cents it’s a bargain, my no1 project to watch.


100 free SPH coins for registering

is an ICO currently on offer in the Casino niche with SPH coin. From their website..

Sapphire Coin is the exclusive currency for the new skill-based, patent pending game with world’s biggest jackpot of it’s kind. The One Click Millionaire game – ClickJackpot.

The ICO is open until July 1st 2018. The price creeps up a few cents a week until it reaches $1 at the end of July. You can buy the SPH coin at time of writing for 35cents. There is no minimum buy.

Buying a small amount was simple, I successfully bought 5euro of tokens as a test. I used paypal and it was complete in seconds.sapphire You get also 100 free SPH coins for registering and confirming your mobile phone.

With my 5 euro  (17 SPH) and my free 100 SPH I got 117 SPH in my wallet as below.


Nobody knows what the coin price will be at the time it hits the exchanges, at the present time you can get 100 free just for registering which in July will have a worth of $100 so you don’t have much to lose! I think it’s an interesting concept and one to watch for the patent approval and more progress in the Summer..


An ICO, the link that follows https://zeroedge.bet/ is a dummy site of the product that is to launched at the end of the ICO here https://zerocoin.bet/. There is a wave of ICO open NOW offering 58% bonus, the offer will only be valid for 3-4 more days..check their content for the full info.



Their coin is CNC, based on Ripple is already on some exchanges. The current price is $0.001124 USD which should be about $1 for 1000. The exchanges it is offered on are a little obscure, I used nlexch.com and would say its the better of them just for useability although it is a bit baron in terms of trading volume.

They are pushing to be added to more mainstream exchanges and recently have recruited Ashish Tawakley, previously of IGT, as their Chief Commercial Officer – which you would think is a good step closer to a lot better exposure.

The Market Cap of this coin is an impressive $40mil. The price of the coin has remained steadily low since launch a year ago and seems to be a cheap option to stock up on and hold at the moment.  Read the faq on their website to read more about this coin.

Trading is currently available on NLexchCfinex and BitFlip.

USE BITCOIN for the markets to buy this coin! The other markets are not active.

this is my wallet after using CFINEX on the CSC/BTC market, 0.00000011 each! £30 roughly for 35657 CSC at the time of writing.

I will update this article with new coins, ico’s and info.


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