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The latest innovation to storm the poker market come sin the form of RFID tables, a fully autonomous fully customisable piece of poker kit. Using a combination of cutting edge technology, bespoke software and a wealth of poker experience, Andrew Booth of www.cardroomdirect.com – already responsible for many poker tables you see in casinos and software engineer Andrew Milner have created a poker table that can rival an entire T|V production crew.

The new tables, which are currently rolling out across the UK’s major card rooms, bring the TV experience to the amateur player by streaming the information across the interne. More than that, they enable a card room manager to create an all round experience for both the players and spectators. Each RFID is capable of displaying card room percentages, chip counts, payout information and even scrolling adverts or messages along the stream. In a nutshell, RFID tables take all the TV wizardry of a post production edit and put it all at the users fingertips.

Currently retailing at around £5000 with a pack of chipped cards that cost £150, they are probably out of the league of most Tuesday night home gamers for now, but given how technology comes down in price so quickly don’t be surprised to see a version good and cheap coming out soon.

rfid poker table

RFID or Radio Frequency Idenntification Technology sends out radio waves emitted from an electronic tag to a receiver unit. In this case the electronic tags are located in the specially made cards which, when passed over a reader – located at various points at the table – register on the system and display a graphic via  alive stream.

On each RFID table there are readers located in front of each player in order to read their hole cards. There are also readers in the centre of the table to read the community cards, as well as a muck section where discarded cards are placed so that the system knows which cards are out of circulation.

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